You may remember my post Why AT&T U-Verse E-Mail Sucks on a Mac Unless You Pay More to Talk to Them where I was being told by one of their online copy and pasters that I needed to call in and PAY to have them tell me how to get my Mac to work with ATT.NET.

Well, the complaints keep coming on about this issue.  AT&T ARE YOU EFFIN LISTENING?

Hello, Dallas AT&T HQ, we have some serious problems.  

I finally got my to work after getting operators to unblock port 995.  I had to shut down my computer, reboot and reload ATT.NET in MAC MAIL in order to get it to work.  HOWEVER, there have been at least two times in the past three days when it has dropped out again and I’ve had to delete the account from Mac Mail and reinstall the Mail account.

Seriously, since I’m not really relying on this account for say, BUSINESS, it’s okay.  But it’d be nice if this would work on my iPhone, which it doesn’t.  That’s a whole nother matter.

YOU’D THINK IN THE YEAR 2010 EMAIL WOULD BE SOMETHING YOU COULD GET AS PART OF YOUR INTERNET PACKAGE, but apparently for AT&T U-Verse on a Mac, that’s a little too damned complicated.

Today’s comments from The Dogman:

The Dogman says:

I’ve had Uverse for 3 hours. 3 glorious hours I’ve spent trying to have an outgoing mail server on a client account. Just spent an hour with these morons playing the third party game and talking like mac is a POS. The supervisor was Arthur badge number AV7839. I’ll be the shortest uverse customer ever.Uverse you can wake up now it’s 2010 and getting an outgoing mail server shouldn’t be this ridiculous.


And not to mention when Apple moved to SNOW LEOPARD and AT&T’s computer modems can’t keep up with the updates in Snow Leopard.  So, last September when I upgraded to Snow Leopard, guess what happened to my modem for when I was on the road: it didn’t work.  So I called AT&T, they said I needed to call the modem manufacturer.  I did.  Guess what.  They said it worked with this update.  And it did for about a week.  Then Apple did and update and guess what?  IT NEVER WORKED AGAIN.

As busy as I was I didn’t have time to call AT&T every day to get them to help me.  Frankly, I HATE CALLING AT&T.  That damn guy voice system they use when you call the main number just sucks.

So, weeks passed.  Months passed.  I called.  They gave me a credit for a couple months.  Then we tried to fix it again.  It worked for like 15 minutes and then … it never worked again.

I finally discontinued the line in February.

  1. B A Thomasson

    I’ve had recurrent problems with AT&T email systems that pre-date going to UVerse. Initially I thought it had to be outgoing mail server problems, but now I think it is something else. It doesn’t just affect my AT&T accounts, it also prohibits mail going out on my Apple accounts. Could it be a conflict with internet, phone or TV data moving across those same lines and switches?

  2. Donny Claxton

    Thanks for the comments and the compliment on the domain name. We’re pretty happy with it, too.

    As far as pre-dating U-Verse issues with AT&T, I’m happy to say that I’ve only had two real issues with AT&T, and none when I had SBCGlobal.

    My issues have come with the email portion of U-Verse. The rest of it I enjoy.

    And then I’ve had a hell of a time with a portable plug in card for my MacBook Pro running on Snow Leopard. The card I had worked fine with AT&T under Leopard. I say that, but it did tend to drop out every now and again. But it almost never really worked once Snow Leopard came out in September 2009. And in calling AT&T, they would only send me to the vendor of the card, who said they’d fixed it. And while it sort of would work, they’d tend to tell me to call Apple, which when you call Apple about a third-party software problem, the first thing they do is send you back to the vendor.


  3. B A Thomasson

    PS – I wish I had thought of getting the DaddyClaxton domain name. That’s a good one.

  4. DennyG

    I think I fixed my ATT Uverse sendmail problem….
    I pinged the server and got a few IP addresses back, I tried them in the
    smtp setting box and presto ne of them worked and now it works every time! try instead of

  5. Donny Claxton

    Thank you for sharing.

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