It’s taken a lot of time to evolve into where I feel I am being a better man and a better dad.  Lots of things in my life have changed over the past 11.5 months, but as I come to the end of a first year of cataclysmic change in my life, I’m finally feeling like things are turning around for me and I’m getting back to my core.

Yeah, maybe I’ve written that a dozen times in the past year, but as I sit here today in front of my trusty Mac, in a new office space, on a new Web platform for, so much else around me is new, too.  But I think you’re going to start to see a renewed and keener focus on my priorities in life.

My girls and I have really been able to grow closer over the past few months.  We talk many times daily.  We see each other many times weekly.  We’ve been on trips.  We’ve been to baseball games together.  We’ve started doing daddy-daughter date night, where I pick up one of the three and we go to dinner and just sit and talk.

Professionally, things are coming around.  There are some incredible prospects looming on the horizon and they all have to do with God being a more central part of my life.

One of my mentors, Ron Rose, has been after me for about a month now to put down on paper what it is I do and what I can do to add value to the lives of others.  That information will be posted within the next 24 hours.  I’m also focusing on a writing project I’ve been putting off for a long time.  It’s called Value Centered Living and it’s going to be an entire Web site complete with guides, suggestions and helpful information about reaching out to others and giving them what they need, irrespective of how I benefit from it.

I’ve been living that practice over the past few months to help get my feet on the ground and to get my name out in the local community. It’s starting to bring in other projects that will have nice financial benefits to them, but more importantly, will make a difference to countless people whom I will likely never know about.

I hope you like the look of the new  I found that trying to build a Web site in Dreamweaver, while fun and creative, also was hugely time consuming and offered my clients little ability to do things on their own without having to chase me down to post a file.  That’s not a good way to do business and I think they’ll all start feeling a little more impowered because of this change over to WordPress.

In the meantime, I pledge to spend more time on this site focusing on the services we can provide through, my adventures through some cool trips to come, and a healthy discussion of issues that affect the Web 2.0 Family; issues such as NetSafety and sexting and cyberbullying.

As a dad, those things all are important to me and I intend to use this space as a sounding board to raise attentions where necessary, but also to help offer value-added services to others who need them most.

Thank you for making the jump over from TypePad to here with me.  We’ve got lots to talk about.

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