As an Apple loyalist, you’re probably not going to believe this, but at this writing, I’m presently exporting my 45,000-plus photo library out of Aperture 3.1.1 and going to switch back to using Adobe Bridge.

I have a three-year-two-month-four-day-old Mac Book Pro. It runs with 2.4 Ghz and still does what I need it to do. Right now, I don’t have the funds to go get a new one, and even as all those photos export, I’m keying this in with my iPad.  (And even with iPad the photo file transferring is mongo-bizzaro.  I set it up to transfer pics to iPad from Aperture Library and ones I don’t pick show up in it, and ones I don’t, do.)

Aperture Creep

About three months ago I upgraded from Aperture 2 to version 3. I regret having done that because since that time, when I try to do things in Aperture, it’s like being back in the days of Windoze.

I did an online exercise to go in and eliminate some cache files. I think that sped up Aperture for about a day. Then it was back to Aperture-creep.

Apple then released 3.1 and said in their specs that it was going to fix the memory leakage that was causing Aperture-creep. It didn’t.

I made the switch to Aperture 2 back in December 2007. It was my birthday gift that year, and like I said, up until about September of 2010 it was my photo product of choice. I even encouraged Mac-centric photogs to use it.

But after suffering from Aperture-creep for three months now, I can hardly stand to open the program. I don’t have time for the spinning beach ball. I turned off the Faces recognition to try and speed it up. No noticeable difference.

Back to Adobe Bridge

And so I’m going to go back to Bridge like I was using the first few months of Mac ownership. My One-to-One instructor said Aperture was the way to go because it would give me so many advantages over Bridge.

But I lied to myself then. I had my photos well organized in Bridge before I bought Aperture.  And as I soon found, it wasn’t nutty on trying to figure out whether something was a project, folder, smart folder, or whatever else. It wasn’t complicated to nest something in a sub-file. For those of you using Aperture, don’t tell me you don’t know what I’m talking about.

And so, I’m probably out of commission on the Mac for most or all of the day. It’s grinding away at exporting and Aperture-creep is in full swing.

Hey! 426 photos have been exported. Just 41,564 to go!!

  1. J Nario

    Finally someone to admit Aperture’s shortcomings.
    I’m much newer to the Apple world than you – but the benefits of being a late comer is a latest more powerful machine: iMac w the faster processor option, more memory, largest monitor etc.
    2 years after converting my family to Apple notebooks (to avoid the continuos Windows tinkering and rebuilding I bought myself a top of the line iMac (and work gave me a Mac Pro server) – that was in Feb 2010 – PRIMARY reason to speed up my Photo imaging processing, do video, etc.

    My experiences with Aperture have been hair-pulling — Got me familiar with Activity Monitor out of desperation – the many times it hangs up and worse it crashed the supposedly UNcrashable Apple. Had to go all the way to level AppleCare 2 &3 support, bring machine into store, etc – and nothing — It always dumped when Aperture is running. I stopped using the machine for 5-6 weeks. At least When I came back the Aperture patches have prevented it from crashing /hanging the entire machine

    Numerous hangs, abends (closes by itself) and freezing the entire machine have all happened but the slowness you mention not really only as a precursor to killing itself. Here’s Some stuff I’ve done that may have helped?
    – Update everytime there is an upgrade available for aperture or OS
    – I keep the photos OUTSIDE (reference mode) of the Aperture library – that helped — and I also have Aperture copy all imports into a separate 2nd backup copy to an external Fire-Proof USB drive also. The imports keep running longer but I just dont trust Aperture
    – as soon as I see Aperture spinning the ball I rush to Activity Monitor or if I can I double-click on the Aperture
    midbar that shows “loading” or working. If by looking at either screen it looks like is looping I force close it

    But I agree w you it is a pain – Someone just gave me the whole Adobe CS suite
    as much as I feel PS is an overkill I too may end up leaving Aperture to return to PS.
    WHat a shame –
    Thanks for your post – I have NOT found anyone else talking frankly about Aperture — Apparently Apple loyalists do NOT like to bitch and moan about freaky products OR no one else is using Aperture seriously.
    It dampened my enthusiasm for Apple because it reminded me of the Window hellish experience – but Im still a new Apple fan. Apple should either fix Aperture or dump it.
    Good luck = Keep us posted.

  2. Donny Claxton

    Thanks for your post. The reason most people don’t talk bad about their Macs is because there really aren’t that many reasons to. But when it all goes sideways, it is frustrating. My machine is three years and two months old. It’s time for a newer one. I like your alternatives and will see if they’ll work for me, too.


  3. Vic

    Hi there, I am not sure if you are still active on here, but ill try to ask a question.
    I have decided to move away from aperture3 and also to go back to bridge. Now my question: I have 60 GB on photos currently added in aperture, how do i export/import my images to bridge?

    Are my adjustments (made in aperture) fine in bridge? or do i have to do all the work on my photos in bridge again?

    Thanks for your help

  4. Donny Claxton

    Vic, thanks for your question. I went back to Aperture 3 last month. Bridge just wasn’t giving me what I’d come to enjoy on A3, even with a slower speed. What I’ve found is that if I open A3 a while before I want to play in it and let it do that processing lope, it works fine. At least until I get a new Mac…..


  5. Martin

    Hi Donny,

    How is your A 3 doing now and have you upgraded to new MacBook Pro with Lion, and i,f did you notice any difference in speed of processing? Any clumsines etc….thank for reply.

    I am just about to convert to world of Mac, and as much as I am familiar with bridge and CS5, I would love to know whether it is worth spend my hard earned dosh on MacBook Pro and get the Aperture or just stick with the guns I have.


  6. Donny Claxton

    Martin, thanks for the note. I still run Aperture 3 on my 2007 MacBook Pro and its speed isn’t something I’m thrilled with, but I enjoy the versatility I have with Aperture that I just don’t get as excited about with Bridge.

    Congrats on the decision to leave the Dark Side! I think you’ll be much happier and productive over in the land of Apple.

    My 2007 Mac is still working like the day I got it. (Knock on wood!) But for the moment it’s everything I need. –DC

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