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For Dallas Cowboy fans, it’s been a lousy year.

I don’t know where all the hype of playing in the Super Bowl in Dallas came from.  Reality took over there long ago.

But with just a few games left, instead of testing our $100 million roster’s depth and determining who needs to stay or go from this year’s team, the Cowboys continue to play to win.  Yes, that’s what being in sports is all about: winning.  But there also comes a time when common sense takes over and says:

1) Jon Kitna is 38. He’s not getting any younger.  He’s not going to be around much longer.  We have Stephen McGee, the “third-string” quarterback riding the pine.  When the networks do those shots of hapless Tony Romo on the sidelines, we seldom see McGee. If we’re not going to play him, why keep him? It appears that Kitna getting hurt before Romo, the man of 1,000 excuses, comes back is McGee’s only chance of play.  I will remind you, I apparently am the only one who remembers that the only game the Cowboys won in the preseason was the one with McGee playing and Romo not.

2) Jason Garrett appears from all indicators to be a good coach.

3) The man of 1,000 excuses got engaged this weekend.  His finance reportedly texted friends saying Romo has no idea what he’s gotten into. After rolling my eyes at that comment, I returned my thoughts to the simple fact that by three or four games next year when Romo is “healed” from his present excuse, there will be another.  Will it be her? Will it be his pinky?  Will it be Garrett?  Rest assured, it will be something.

And when it comes down that Romo needs to get the same thing Donovan McNabb is doing today–benched or needing to be benched–will we still be relying on the 39-year-old Kitna or McGee, who will spend time in a learning curve he could be experiencing right now? But it’s more important to win games that have little lingering value other than to say we might be 7-9. And wouldn’t the Cowboys get better chances for the draft with a lesser record?  

Oh well.  I’ve not ever been a fan of Jerry Jones, and this season has done little to change that.  In fact, it’s probably intensified my lack of respect for his blind ego that’s clearly focused on how much money he can bring in now, versus the long-term value of the Cowboys.  But with Jerry that’s nothing new. He always talks about “What’s best for Dallas Cowboys fans.”  For a second-time this season, (Wade Phillips’ firing)  I wish he’d actually do something in that regard.

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