I'm doing my best to remain positive here, but 2010 isn't shaping up to be so great. And it still feels like I'm in the hell called 2009.   DaddyClaxton-Gray-Fleece-4

I found out today that one of my life's mentors' cancer is literally killing him.  He's now using a cane, though he remarked he'd like to get one with a sword in it, and the cancer is getting worse.  He's been in a drug testing program and if it continues to look like it isn't working, well, they'll kick him out of the program.

Then I found out today that one of my long-term friends of more than 20 years is having an ultra sound tomorrow because they've found a lump.

And I'm trying new avenues in life to make ends meet and of course, it's not happening as fast as I should like.

I need your prayers, friends, and your words of encouragement.

I'm in a fight for what's right in the world and I've been so wronged the past eight months. 

There is so much that I see that's just plain wrong, there are moments when being optimistic that they'll be better tomorrow are scarce.  It's so hard to know someone who taught you how to water ski when you were 13, who taught you all you know about building life-like models, taught you your love for the Beatles and is the only person you've ever known to have flown a kite with more than a mile's worth of fishing line so far up that you couldn't even see it with a telescope, is being done in by something doctor's don't know how to stop. 

And while I suffer in that knowledge and the trials of my own life, there is nothing I can do to stop it. 

And while I know about all of these things, there are thousands of people in Haiti who are struggling with things far worse.  2010, you're really sucking right now.  And January's not over yet.

  1. BassAckwards Mom

    Oh no. I’m going to pray for you and your friend for sure. I lost my stepmom to cancer, but many cancers are treated and the outcome is positive. Some of the trials are up and down and I’ve read of complete turn arounds…
    I know how you are feeling, firsthand. I’m so sorry. Big hugs and prayers…

  2. Donny "Daddy" Claxton

    I know they’re having greater success these days, but I’m afraid Marc isn’t going to fit into that class. He’s almost certain to become a stat on the debit side. Thanks for your support. It means a great deal.

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