UPDATE: The Dallas Morning News now is citing sources claiming Wade Phillips has been terminated.

As Alan from Two and A Half Men would say, “A distinction without a difference.”  In other words, THIS CHANGES NOTHING.  Jerry Jones remains the problem.

The Dallas Morning News sports reporters are urging the immediate departure and firing of Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Wade Phillips this morning after Sunday night’s embarrassing loss to the Green Bay Packers. 

Yes, Wade needs to go.  He’s never had much more excitement to him than watching a dog sniff a fire hydrant and then relieve himself on it.  (Picture Wade as the fire hydrant.)

Last night during the game I sent off one Tweet and one Tweet only, and that to me is the most significant point of all in this equation:  “JERRY JONES THIS SH** is your fault.” And that’s where I think so many fans and sports writers and TV announcers have taken a zig when they should have taken a zag.

I think it is Stephen Covey who asks his audiences about the effectiveness of the plays that a coach runs.  The point is that at no point during a game does the coach ever step onto the field.  (Lest he’s going to throw the red challenge flag–and in the Cowboys’ case it was when it shouldn’t have been last night, and then when it couldn’t be and needed to be.)

Another point that needs to be made  here is that in the Dallas Cowboys’ organization, the head coach position is kind of like a Cabinet Secretary in Washington.  You can’t go down the hall to go to the bathroom without first getting permission from the White House.  Wade can’t make any stern decisions without the approval of Jerry Jones.   Now I do wonder if Wade would if he could, but the point is, in Jerry World, Jerry is God, the president, the one in charge, the Emperor … you get the picture.

It wasn’t Wade Phillips who signed $100 MILLION in salary contracts for the Cowboys’ players this year.  No.  That was Jerry Jones.

Instead of going out and getting a quarterback who isn’t a whiner and complainer and excuse seeker, it’s been Jerry Jones who keeps Tony Romo around.  And then there’s John Kitna.  OMG.

Instead of going out and getting running backs who don’t get tackled most of the time before they reach the line of scrimmage, it was Jerry Jones who keeps Felix Jones and Marion Barber on the team.

Instead of going out and getting a younger offensive and defensive line, it was Jerry Jones who kept them around.

And in all the instances of playing slots it was Jerry Jones who signed them to one of the highest salary levels in the history of any professional sport ever.


And so very soon it sounds like Wade Phillips is set to become the second most noted patsy in the history of Dallas. He’s going to take the fall for the entire group.  Jerry Jones will pin it all on Wade and surprise, surprise, the Cowboys’ will continue to trudge around in the mire of their dismay.  The 2010 Cowboys team never was a Super Bowl contender.  It’s time to face it.  And until Jerry Jones lets go of the reins in Cowboys’ Stadium, very little will change.

The present situation is little different now than when Dave Campo was the coach.  The common denominator then, too, and for the past many, many years has been the longest running failure in professional sports history–JERRY JONES.

Yeah, the Golden Rule of Society is well on display in the Dallas Cowboys’ organization–He who has the gold makes all the rules.   No one ever said just because you have the gold, you get to make the right ones.

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