I know that's a wild question, but one of my clients is now focused on what happens when a protective order is put in place by the courts, the person who requested the order notifies police that they've seen the alleged dangerous person near their house, following them, making calls at odd hours, threatening them, and on and on, and then reported those cases to the local police for them to not make an arrest.

It's a costly experience to have an attorney take someone into court for a protective order.  When it is confirmed by the courts, it's supposed to have consequences if it's violated.  But what happens when the police don't act on notifications?

That's going to be the focus of a news conference in Richardson, TX tomorrow.  But I'm also curious about what your experiences are with this from around the country.  And of course, there's the other side, too.  What about guys who've had these put on them, followed them to the letter, and then still got reported for violating them. 

Here in North Texas, there have been a couple cases recently where notifications were made to police and the men involved were not arrested and taken before a judge for him/her to decide if the order had been violated.  One lady was killed.  Another got a way. 

And I've learned of another local case where the harassing man is about to get a woman fired because he keeps calling her at work, but instead of living in North Texas, he lives four or five hours away and the police department there, even though there are warrants for his arrest here, won't go and enforce them.  Work even has told the woman that if she doesn't get him to stop it, they're going to let her go.

Sound off about this issue.  Please.  What are your experiences with it?

  1. Damon Crawley

    I think the case where the lady was killed was one that my aunt was the lady’s attorney. I guess she had the order in place but then went back and he may have killed her that same day. I could be wrong.

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