I’m in a funk.  This week has been an emotional train wreck and it’s been a real struggle to concentrate, a real struggle to keep my bearings and to do as former Alabama Gov. Guy Hunt used to say about plowing a straight line: “Keeping my eye on yonder pine tree.”

You see when the troubles of life come crashing over us like waves on a seawall in the midst of a hurricane, we know we need to stay on course, but it’s so really easy to get distracted.  Just like when you’re standing in the middle of a field with a horse/oxen and trying to plow a straight line.  If you keep your eyes downward, focused on the row you just plowed, not keeping an eye out where you’re going, you’re almost assured to have rows that are far from straight.

The same goes for when you’re driving and you look over at the driver of the car next to you.  You think you’re keeping the car pointed straight, but how many times have you almost drifted right into them?

Things have happened this week that’s made it hard to concentrate on yonder pine tree.

My goals for the coming week are simple.  Refocus and pray.  Get some exercise.  Prioritize.  Simplify.  And find peace.

God has me on a mission and at times, I can see that yonder pine tree.  At other times it feels like there is a fog cast upon the field making it hard to see.  And it’s so easy to fall for a tar baby and get goo stuck on me.

My goal is to resist being trapped again.  Pray.  Pray.  Pray.

Time to crank up the EA SPORTS Active and get some exercise.  It will reduce stress.  I’ll feel better physically and emotionally.

Time to put away the distractions; shut down the email and check it twice a day.  Stay off Twitter.  You get the idea.

Time to get back to simple.  Time to do some reading.  Watch a movie or two.

The point is I know where my Savior is.  I know that’s where I’m trying to get to.  Everything else is fog.  Everything else is looking down at the dirt below my feet, whether it was cast there by the wind or thrown at me and has fallen to the ground. I need to remember that no matter how many times I till the soil, it’s still just dirt and not that yonder pine tree.

If you’re hurting, too, try some of this.  Reach out to God.  Look for him in the storm.  I promise.  He’ll be right there in front of you.  Standing like a yonder pine tree.

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