In my quest to get skinny again, I’ve been using the Use It! app that works on the iPhone or iPad.

Essentially, you decide how much you want to drop down to, tell it how much you weigh now, and the app gives you a calorie intake limit per day and tells you over how long a period a time it will take you to get to that level. You can tell it to allow you to lose one pound, 1.5 lbs, or 2 pounds per week.

Each time you have a meal, you enter in what you ate. It has an array of options and allows you to do searches of grocery bought items or foods you can choose from at a handful of restaurants.

I’ve set my settings to lose about 150 lbs. All that weight I lost with EA SPORTS Active has come back with a bonus, thanks to the year and a half of emotionally stressful crap I’ve had to deal with.

But I’m taking back my life from the evil that was cast upon me. I’ve set the app to give me limits so that I lose two pounds per week. At this rate, it says I can be down to 220 lbs by March of 2011. (That is, if I don’t blow it with holiday foods!)

So, so far today, I’ve had 4 strips of bacon (Yeah, I know, but I’d normally have more) two scrambled eggs, two slices of whole wheat toast with a dab of jelly, and a half a glass of OJ.

For lunch, I had a business meeting at a Mexican chain in the DFW area called Chuy’s. I got the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Chicken enchiladas with refried beans and some Spanish rice.

When the girls come over tonight, we’re making spaghetti with whole wheat pasta.

I’ve also stopped eating after 7:30 p.m. at night. And I’m trying to drink more water.

The app is free. If you have an iPhone, iTouch or iPad, this is an interesting proposition. I think off the Web site you can also set it up where you compete or are accountable to others. Let’s see.

I’m going to begin just adding micro posts to the site after meals.  If I confess to eating something I shouldn’t have, please remind me to get my act together.

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