File this under the section surviving life without continued email harassment from a manipulative and harassing ex when you have Mac Mail.

I’ve taken the last step I know to put up obviously necessary communications boundaries.

After six years of harassing emails and text messages I began blocking my ex’es text messaging and phone calls about a month ago.  (AT&T wireless does this for an extra monthly charge and it’s well worth the expense.)

Today, after receiving two crap emails first thing in the morning, I’ve gone the next step and simply created a rule in Mac Mail that deletes her messages before they even get into my in-box.

To do this, one simply goes up into the Preferences section of their Mac when in the Mail application and pulls down.

A dialogue box pops up and the last tab is one called Rules.

It’s then just a matter of deciding what rule you want to make happen.  You name it.  You enter in the data, (like the annoying person’s email address) and then you decide what to do with it.  For about three weeks, I had it set for them to just bounce back to her.  Well, apparently, that left them still creeping stalkingly into my in-box and frankly, that’s the last damned place in the world I want them anymore.

So now, the new rule has been applied.  They just delete like snow flakes falling into warm air and evaporate before I’m even aware they’re falling into my in box.

Do I have a need to talk with her about my girls?  Probably.  Do I deserve to be harassed by her at all hours of the day and night?  Definitely not.  At this writing, I don’t know of a better solution.  The contact with her is just going to come like a ground stop when two inches of snow fall in Dallas in the winter time.

Boundaries.  Good fences make it hard for your ex wife to be a continued pain in your ass.   I think that’s what that famous poet once said.

And if her crap comments on here continue, I’m just going to have to moderate comments before they post, too.  Something I really don’t want to do. I just want to be left the hell alone. Why is that too much to ask?

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