I've been home with all seven of our kids this weekend while Kari has been away to a conference in San Antonio.  We've had a good time in spite of her being gone.  And Ashleigh, 5, has clearly had some sort of tummy deal, but nothing in the middle of the night, thank goodness.

So in between spending time with the kids today, spending time cleaning up my workspace in the office and then keeping the house cleaned, trying to keep the laundry up-to-date, the dogs fed, the kids fed, me fed, and cleaning up behind who ever has been going through paper towels today and just leaving them all over the house, I'm perplexed with an age old question at this moment: Kari's almost home and the house is clean as I can get it.  The question is, is that a good thing?

I'm reminded of the episode on Andy Griffith where Aunt Bee goes away and at first Andy and Opie struggle, then they get the hang of things and when Aunt Bee comes home, she's saddened that things aren't a wreck and Andy picks up on it and realizes there is a level at which he needs to still show her he needs her in the home.   Andy_opie_auntbee_family

Of course, being married is a little different than the Andy/Aunt Bee relationship.  We're a team, and I guess they were, too, however, the marriage v. nephew/aunt relationship is a little different. 

As I went to get groceries tonight–the seven had gone through four gallons of milk this weekend, and I got stuff for lunches tomorrow and lunch money for the high school boys, I also picked out a card for Kari that says I love you for no real reason.  You know, one of those cards you don't have to give, but do so anyways.  (Think, too, of the Bud Light commercial on the differences between a woman picking out a card by going through every one of them and the guy seeing the first or second one he sees, determines it's perfect, and gets going.) 

I'm going tonight with leaving the house clean for the all important arrival.  I figure the kids will have enough of it messed back up again by the time they leave for school in the morning, it won't have much mattered!   

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