When I was a kid some 30 years ago, I didn’t mind it when Brent Musburger would sit in the studio and do the pre-game, half-time shows. 

Since he’s going to be doing the booth commentary in the Jan 10th National Championship Game, I’m nauseous.

The guy is biased as he can be. (And if you don’t think I’m the only one who thinks that, Google “Brent Musburger Biased.”) Naturally, if you’re a fan of “The Ohio State Buck-Eyes” (he always inflects on Eyes,” you probably don’t mind his calling of games.  (One site says it’s USC, too.)

I watched a portion of the Big 12 Championship with Nebraska and Oklahoma Saturday.  He was clearly pulling for Nebraska.

How could I tell? (And apparently I wasn’t alone.)

It was just in what he said.  And it’s the same way I’m anticipating him to call the game between Oregon and Auburn in January.  He’s going to be for Oregon.  Why?  I don’t know.  But just wait. He will be.

And here’s what I mean.

Sure, he’ll do a little of how great it is that Auburn has made it to the big dance.  He’ll make sure he talks about Cam Newton, by then, likely having won the Heisman this weekend.  But he’ll make sure that he throws Cam under the bus a little over his dad’s actions.

And then he’ll do this:

If Auburn falls behind like it has in eight of its 13 games this year, (which they came back to win every one of them,)  Musburger will be talking about how dominant the Oregon Ducks are and how stellar their play has been in the game.  “These Oregon Ducks are just too much of a match for the Auburn Tigers and Cam Newton.”

If the Ducks fall behind, it’ll be like this: “These Oregon Ducks haven’t given up and they’re on the verge of coming back in this game because they still have a great chance of winning it.”

That’s basically what he was doing for Nebraska on Saturday night.  OU, (which most of you know I don’t have a lot of love for, [One of my OU friends says I simply must stop calling it Blow U]) no matter how great a play it was, for Musburger it was of no matter, it was “These Cornhuskers are still fighting.  There’s still plenty of time for them to pull this out.”

Troy Aikman

A whole discussion could take place about former players being on the air and calling games for teams which they took to the Super Bowl.  But even if you listen to Troy Aikman, the man does a pretty good job of spreading the commentary.  Musburger, not.  You know who he’s pulling for.  And that’s why it’s a shame he’s going to be calling the game between Oregon and Auburn.

And it appears that the only thing that’ll wind up shutting him up is Auburn winning.   Well, even then it’ll be, “The Oregon Ducks played such a great  game and have had such a great season.  They gave Auburn a great game and will have so many players coming back next year,” Musburger will say.

War Cam Eagle.  And Mr. Musburger, I’ll be praying you have laryngitis by Jan. 10.  Otherwise I’ll probably just be watching the game on mute. 

Can you hear me ESPN?

  1. Hal Bennett

    Sir, I am in the process — or beginning — of a painting, the substance of which I plan to be a comparison of the whole Musburger-ESPN-Herbstreit-CBS-Lundquist culture with Heckle and Jeckle, Guy Smiley, and Bert ‘n’ Ernie. I intend to parody the whole graphics-from-a-truck syndrome, complete with arrow-on-the-field, Home Depot Whirley-Zoom, New York Life-emblazoned-on-the-field, any and all I can get into the thing that will say what I cannot say in words. I may entitle it “Whatever Happened to Just Showing Us the Game?”

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