Happy New Year! It was a busy day yesterday.  We got most of the Christmas decorations INSIDE the house down and packed.  Today, weather cooperating, we'll regrettably take down the lights that have helped make our neighborhood something incredibly special the past several weeks.

Our kids are having a great time here at the house.  We've been shopping, been to movies, watched movies, celebrated the holidays, had some memorable fires in the fireplace, gone roller skating and had some great conversations amongst us. My dear wife, Kari, whom many of you know on Twitter as @pocahontis, was able to get outside for a while yesterday and go enjoy some time with a friend of ours who owns horses.  Kari has always loved the animals and it was a great to see her get out from the daily hustle and bustle of a house with seven kids, never-ending laundry, etc.   Kari Claxton, @pocahontis, and Rocket!

Here on www.DaddyClaxton.com, we're working on some new changes for the Web site.  New photos are coming.  I'm planning on setting up the studio lights in the living room today and getting Kari to take some new shots that better reflect the themes of each page of the site.  We'll see how that goes.  I've been wanting to do this now for about four months!

Cool-Moms and Cool-Dads Additions

Are you a cool mom or a cool dad?  Do you know others?  Am I following them on Twitter and are they on the respective list?  One of my goals of 2010 is to truly build these two lists into something that are helpful and beneficial to others who are using Twitter to find ways to enhance their social skills by communicating with moms and dads.  

With your help, we can make these lists into powerful resources.  I really enjoy clicking to these lists and seeing the parent conversations that are taking place out there.  As a parent with seven children, it's helpful to see what's on the minds of other moms and dads as we continue our life journey with our own children. 

If you don't know, we have our own seven kids.  One is 17 and has Asperger's, a form of autism that makes it challenging to have good life social skills.  We have another son who is 16, my daughter who is now 13, another son who is going to be 13 in three days, my twin daughters who are 10, and our daughter, Ashleigh, who I frequently quote on Twitter as "5 yo dd."   (dd = darling daughter.)

So who are the New Year's additions to the #Cool-Moms, #Cool-Dads list? 


Please welcome: @PJMullen, @ChadBrandt, and @JrSocial.  Give these guys a follow and welcome them to the list.


@MarvelousMartha, @TeeTee_71, @TheBusyBabyMama, @Kokabella, @ChristyDutilly, @Kathym425.  

Support @ArmyWifeCandles, and Here's Why You Should

And I wanted to point out a special mom for you all to follow. She's @ArmyWifeCandles, and while I normally wouldn't highlight a person who was so highly marketing something in their screen name, Caroline Ubbens is different.   TwitterProfilePhoto_bigger

As you know, I'm a former Air Force Brat.  When people ask if I was in the military, though not active duty because of my asthma, I still tell them, "Yes."  My dad joined in 1968 and I endured him going on two tours of duty to Viet Nam, countless weeks of him sitting on alert at K.I. Sawyer AFB in Northern Michigan, waiting to go and bomb the USSR if it ever became necessary, and I've moved 32 times in 44 years because of it.

Caroline is in a different role.  She's an Army wife and if you don't think she's gone through her share of service to our country, you've lost your mind. Being in a military family is hard. There is no other way to put it. Army and service member moms carry the weight of the home front while their husbands are in harm's way.  They keep the kids healthy and cared for and off to school.  They do all of the shopping.  They do all of the cooking and cleaning.  They do all of the domestic family finances when their spouse is deployed, TDY or who knows what else.  And on top of it all, Caroline has begun selling candles. 

Our government doesn't pay military families nearly enough for the sacrifices they make for all of us. 

So this year, I encourage you to check out @ArmyWifeCandles and as you need special gifts for those in your life, friends, acquaintances, give Caroline and her family a chance.  They're giving you one to live in a free country.  

Know more Cool-Moms and Cool-Dads?

Please, if you know more cool moms and cool dads, send them here or over to Twitter.  And as you refer to the lists on Twitter, don't forget to use the # hashtag in front of the term.  This makes it easier for people to find them as they search on Twitter.  

And as always, please make sure you click the RSS feed button for www.daddyclaxton.com.  We've got a good thing going and there are plenty of helpful additions coming to the site in 2010.  I want you to also be a part of our growth.  Together, we can make this a very helpful resource on the Web. 

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