UPDATE: Come to find out, the only one who wanted a refutation was Bill O’Reilly.  Enough said.

The President of the United States is going to address the nation from the Oval Office tonight and is expected to layout plans for continuing to recover from the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Maybe since it’s still leaking into the Gulf at a volume no one really can compute it’s not really a recovery situation yet, but you get the drift.

I was just watching FOX News, (I can only do that in small amounts) and they said the former Gov. Sarah Palin is going to deliver the GOP response tonight.

What a dumb move.

I like Gov. Palin.  But she’s the wrong messenger for tonight.

From announcing that Gov. Palin will be speaking tonight, what the GOP is saying is that they intend to try to beat the president over the head more with the problems in the Gulf.  Bad move guys.  He’s doing a good enough job of that on his own.   And now you’re going to parade Sarah Palin out there in her maverick maverickness to talk about how she did something in Alaska as governor yada yada yada. Who doesn’t know yet how that conversation goes?  It’s going to be full of rhetoric, it’ll be inflammatory and frankly, it will be a wasted opportunity.

Tonight’s message should come from one of the Gulf coast governors.  Haley Barbour of Mississippi is the head of the Republican Governor’s Association and has experience in this area.  (I have a daughter named Haley and they have met before.)  But I don’t think Haley is the best messenger for tonight either. Hometown favorite Gov. Bob Riley of Alabama is another good choice as the beaches of Alabama really are being badly affected.  Gov. Christ of Florida?  Nevermind.

But if someone in GOP ranks were thinking tonight, they’d have Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana in place ready to deliver a message to the American people.

Gov. Jindal wouldn’t have a talk laced with rhetoric this and rhetoric that.  It’d be best for him to just talk about what the needs are of those who live in Gulf coast states.

He could talk about what countless volunteers have done to protect the marshes of Louisiana and how he has pleaded with the federal government to do more and been hamstrung.  He could talk about the shrimpers, fishermen, and the network of providers that have kept them afloat for generations and how their lives are going to be affected for years to come because of lack of planning by the oil industry and the lack of preparation by the federal government.  He could do all these things and begin to talk about ways in which those living in these affected areas will overcome these issues through their own brilliance and cleverness–the power of true American ingenuity.

Gov. Jindal could talk about the people from all over the nation who are offering their assistance in spite of the lackluster performance of the federal government.  He could talk about how this isn’t a time to be picking a foreign policy fight with the British and stupidly comparing an oil spill to a terrorist attack.

There’s an old saying, “Never argue with a fool because people may not be able to tell the difference.”   Instead of providing calm and reason in a tempest in a response tonight and not stooping to partisan politics, the rest of us will be called to decide which one is more of the prior.   That is, unless we do like the most of the rest of America, and either turn the channel or turn off the TV all together.

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