Gee Wizz Walley. This is nuts.   Images

If you've been following the hullabaloo over @thatKevinSmith raising hell over @twitter about being removed from a flight over the weekend, you've probably been turned off to the whole thing. I have. 

My preferred airline is Southwest and for good reason–their fares are reasonable and most of the time, I can get my favorite seat on the plane–11D, which is the only one on the plane with just one other person to the side of it–11E and most of the time I fly, it's empty.  

I'm not going to stop flying Southwest because some Hollywood blowhard didn't get to shove his weight around and get what he wanted.  Did SWA personnel make a mistake?  From some of the accounts, maybe they did, but you know what?  No matter what, they handled this matter tons better than American, Delta, US Airways or any other carrier would have because quite simply, Southwest cares about its customers better than any other airline in the skies.   Kevin_smith_1579031c

Kevin Smith can continue to be an online ass if he wants to be, but he should think long and hard about what his night would have been like had he tried to sit in coach on American.  Or think about all the kids and parents who don't listen to the flight attendant rules on US Airways.  (I've never seen so many people not following the flight rules as those who fly US Airways. And I won't fly them ever–even if the miracle pilot is at the helm.) 

I'm a big guy, too, but there simply are not more comfy planes to fly in as Southwest's, unless you're going to pay 10 times more for a seat in First Class on an American flight across country. 

If you're savvy enough, you check in online 24 hours in advance, which ensures you a good spot in line.  If you pay a whole $15-30 extra you get to board in business class in one of the first 1 thru 10-16 people to get on the plane. And if you're a bigger guy like me, so long as you sit in a row deeper than the 7th aisle, the seats are wider–unless you're lucky enough to sit in one of the aisle seats in say row 1. 

You don't have to pay $8 to use a blanket.  You can have all the soft drinks you want–or water, or orange juice, etc. for free. 

If you have a young daughter who loves "airplane peanuts," all you have to do is tell one of the flight attendants that she loves "airplane peanuts" and most of the time, they'll give you a special large bag of them to take to your daughter who will then love you even more when you get home.  Images-1

And, did I mention the overhead bin is bigger than any other carrier's planes?  Not only do my bags fly free, most of the time, I don't even have to check a bag because it fits in the bin. 

You sure as hell can't bring a fold over suit bag on US Airways.  They have the smallest bins of all.  And it won't fit on a standard bin on American, either.  First Class?  Maybe, but then your bags fly free anyway so you check them.  But with Southwest you bring it on board, you put it in the overhead bin and when you land, you pull it back out and you walk straight to the car.  Hello. 

So, Mr. Big Shot Hollywood Actor/Producer got booted off the plane. Guess he's been around Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan too much.  Talk about a cop out.  Believe you me, the way he has conducted himself has taken away from any real credence or sympathy I would have had for him had he reacted and tweeted with a little more civility. Sure, I know he was mad, but acting like a complete ass isn't the way to go about making this situation better.

The people who work at Southwest are truly an elite bunch of fokes. Their corporate culture is second to none and it shows, from the time you check in, to the time you board, to the way they greet you on the plane.  Could there have been a breakdown on the part of one of the employees this weekend to where they overreacted?  Sure.  But I ask you to think about the kind of response you're seeing from Southwest and compare that to what Mr. Smith would have received from any other carrier and again, Southwest runs circles around them.

Hopefully, Mr. Smith will get his wits back together and find a happy place on a Southwest airlines flight once again.  Or maybe he'll fly American Coach or worse, US Airways a while and realize the true error of his ways.

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