I'm really reaping the benefits of my new Social Media strategy.  When I purged out those 3,300 tweeps who weren't following me back, hadn't twittered in months, or were trying to sell me teeth whitening sauce, I did a good thing.  But I've also done some other things special and I don't know where all this takes me. But I'm truly enjoying it.

With the revision of www.DaddyClaxton.com, has also come a better focused social media presence.  I'm staying away from politics and religion discussions.  But more importantly, I'm focusing on ways to use the talents God has given me to do good things.

My former boss called me today and he committed $100 more for the Ubbens family project.  That spoke volumes to me and really warmed my heart.  He's a very giving man, but for him to be making a contribution of so much to something I created, really has been a confidence booster.  But more importantly, it really reminded me once again of his genuine goodness.  He's always been a solid, Christian model for me since the day we met.  He's a great dad to his boys and I just can't describe to you how positive an influence he's been to me.


But from the posting of the Ubbens story, I've received a lot of messages about other special projects that are worthy of consideration.  I know of a mom who is looking for about 20 baseball gloves she can send to her son who is presently service in Iraq for those rare down times they do have.  Anyone out there have any gloves they want to donate?  If so, comment and we'll make arrangements to make that happen, too!


I know a man who has been unemployed now for almost two years.  He's in facilities management and will move anywhere in the country to have a job.  One thing in advance.  He has cerebral palsey but you'd never know it, except for the fact that he stutters.  Other than that, he's a hard worker.  He's loyal, he's dedicated and he's really become a good friend over Facebook.  He looks great on paper, but when interviewers call to talk with him and it's a challenge for him to overcome the stuttering, they suddenly announce that the job has been filled with someone else.  Know a job where that wouldn't be an issue or the HR department wouldn't be so pre-Americans with Disabilities Act violators?  If so, comment and we'll make arrangements for you to talk with my friend.

Our Aspie Son, Ricky

We all have our challenges in life.  Some of them are worse than others.  Our son, Ricky, for example, is 17 and has Asperger's.  Is he moving out on his own next year after he finishes high school?  There's not a chance in the world.  His greatest goal right now is to become a soldier in the Army, just like Alan Ubbens.  But Ricky has a form of autism, has to take medicine throughout his waking day and well, no branch of the military is really keen on that. 

I will post more and more of these kinds of stories the more I learn of them.  Some will become the feature of a Daddy's Concerns like the Ubbens' family.  Others I'll just post like Dave and the lady trying to help out her son's soldier friends in Iraq. 


I can't begin to say how amazing it's been to see the responses to the Ubben's request flow in from around the country.  Even in desperate and hard times like these, we here at www.DaddyClaxton.com are showing that one of the things that makes America the best country on earth, are still alive and well.  And it's in times just like these where we've always found the grit and glory of what makes America the shining star on the hill.  We've raised almost $500 or 1/3 of our goal in just 24 hours. 

Please, if you're a new comer to our site, please click the RSS button and follow us regularly.  Sign up for updates.  Follow me on Twitter and work to get on one of our resource lists.  Let's all continue to band together to find helpful solutions to help those in need and show the power of social media to the world.

  1. Frank Lucas

    I’m an Assistant Director of Facilities at a major metropolitan university. We would have hired Dave in a heartbeat but budget cuts forced us to eliminate the position we had in mind for him. Dave is a friend, very professional, knows the business of Facilities Management, is proficient with computers and is the friendliest guy you’d ever want to meet. Incidentally, a little patience goes a long way towards communicating with him. If you’re looking for a great employee and are more interested in what he has to say rather than how he says it, I hope you’ll consider Dave.

  2. Donny "Daddy" Claxton

    Thanks for the comments about Dave, Frank. I wish we could help find him a good job. Hes been waiting patiently for an awful long time. His time is due. Anyone out there know a good job for Dave?
    I met a recruiter on the plane headed to LAX on Thursday. She said shed keep him in mind. Im going to hold her to it.

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