UPDATE, JULY 23, 2010–I’m happy and amazed to report that after calling AT&T once again, getting them to unblock Port 995 on their box, that it still didn’t turn on my email.  So, I deleted the account from Mac Mail completely.  After the tech comment post below, I decided to try his advice and reload ATT.net on Mac Mail.  Before I even had the chance to configure server settings, it auto-filled almost all the information I could needed for it to work, and I’ve not had any issues since.

So, you can still read my rant below, however, I advise you at this juncture to NOT call ConnecTech at AT&T and call the freebie service they have and ask them to unblock Port 995.  Once they do, delete your att.net account if it’s not working.  Try rebooting your machine.  Then reloading the att.net account in Mail.  If it’s still not working, delete it again, and then wait 24 hours to see if things rattle around in the AT&T servers.  Then reload and see if you were as lucky as I.  If not, please let me know.  I can still rail more on AT&T. I’m getting used to it.

UPDATE: I called the tech support for AT&T today to see if they could help me with my Mac Mail and my non-working Att.net email account.  No luck.  This guy checked all the settings with me again, and then said, “If they’re all right, the only thing left to do is call Apple.”

I’ve had AT&T’s U-Verse bumble, I mean, bundle, since I moved in here in April.  The Email with my att.net account worked for part of the first day.  I’ve called them, and today, three months later, I chatted with ARUN.  Ultimately, after giving me information already on the AT&T website which I have already configured in my computer, he suggested I call a super tech number for AT&T and PAY FOR ADDITIONAL SUPPORT.  Pay to get my fricken email to work on AT&T in my Mail Account on a Mac?   Are guys nuts?

Here, don’t believe this is how the conversation went down, read for yourself:

SystemWelcome Mr. Donald Claxton.SystemConnecting to server. Please wait…SystemConnection with server established.YouTechnical Support Topic: U-verse EmailSystem

as277s(ARUN) has joined this session!SystemConnected with as277s(ARUN)

as277s(ARUN)Hello, Mr. Donald Claxton. Thank you for contacting AT&T U-verse Technical Support. My name is Arun (as277s).

as277s(ARUN)May I please have the billing account number associated with your U-Verse account?

You 555 555 1212

as277s(ARUN)Thank you for providing me with the number.as277

s(ARUN)Mr.Claxton, if by chance we are disconnected from this chat session, I would like you to re-enter our chat service line, and ask for Arun (as277s).

as277s(ARUN)Just to verify, am I chatting with the account holder?

You yes

as277s(ARUN)Thank you.as277s(ARUN)May I please have your preferred email address for future reference?

You  donaldclaxton@5555551212

as277s(ARUN)Thank you for providing me with the email address.

as277s(ARUN)How may I help you with your U-verse services today?

You:  I use a Mac. I’m not receiving or able to send email through my att.net account. I have it configured to port 995

as277s(ARUN)Let me try unblock the port which is responsible for outgoing emails. (WHY WOULD THEY EVEN BE BLOCKING IT?!)

as277s(ARUN)Please stay online for 2 minutes while I unblock the port.

as277s(ARUN)Thank you for waiting patiently, Mr.Claxton.Youk

as277s(ARUN)I did unblock the port from our end.

as277s(ARUN)Please do check if you are able to send and receive emails now.

You: no, I can’t

as277s(ARUN)I am sorry unblocking the port did not fix the issue.

as277s(ARUN)In order to resolve this issue, I recommend that you please contact the connectech team at 1800-344-1734 who would be able to help you with the client email settings.

as277s(ARUN)AT&T ConnecTech team can provide additional support options.

You: k

as277s(ARUN)AT&T ConnecTech is an additional fee based service, which provides a wide variety of in-home and over-the-phone support services for a broad range of TV and PC needs.

You: I have to pay to get you to fix what doesn’t work right on your end?

as277s(ARUN)There is some settings on the MAC computer which has to be modified to receive and send the emails on client email.

as277s(ARUN)However I would be able to get the provide you with the incoming and outgoing port numbers and the server addresses which needs to be used for the client email configuration.

You what are they?

as277s(ARUN)The incoming server address is ‘pop.att.yahoo.com’ and the outgoing server address is ‘smtp.att.yahoo.com’.

as277s(ARUN)The Incoming Mail Server is POP3 and the port number is 995.

as277s(ARUN)The Outgoing Mail Server is SMTP and the port number is 465.

as277s(ARUN)It is just because we have very limited resources working on this issue to configure the client email.

as277s(ARUN)However the connectech team would be able to help you in configuring the client email.

as277s(ARUN)Also try contacting the MAC support team before contacting the connectech team.

as277s(ARUN)The MAC support team would be able to configure their client email settings without any fee.

I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay more money for them to tell me how to adjust when they should be offering without even having to call.  AT&T not knowing how to work with Apple products?  Are you kidding me?

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  1. Shadowman

    I will remain anon, but I actually work for att tech support as call center tech rep.
    Just so you know, the only port they block is smtp 25 for e-mail. They do this now to help thwart junk mail,fraud spammers and zombie style e-mail virus exploits that get on computers and send mail from smtp on 25.It also sounds like maybe the tech you chatted with didnt give all the info.
    The ports are right but the servers given may be wrong. The yahoo mail server is only used if your e-mail is @sbcglobal.net, if it is @att.net, It is something like fmailhost.att.net. Also, you have to enable ssl and authentication for both incoming and outgoing mail servers. As far as not knowing MAC, honestly 99.8% of our customers use windows,and I personally have actually had more customers call in using linux machines in the past year than Mac. We try to support MAC as best we can,its pretty easy to resolve connection issues but when something doesnt go right (like the wonderful airport error that makes it almost impossible to set up your wireless if it ever once gets mis-configured) it becomes a massive pain real quick. I dont handle U-Verse though, just standard DSL and fiber/DSL customers. I recommend you call the tech support,the call agents have much better training than the copy and paste guys who work in chat. (Im serious, its copy and paste,and I think they have a character limit per customer………..)

  2. Donny Claxton

    Weird of weirds. I’ve reloaded it today and now it’s working. Question is, for how long? I’ll let you know if it’s out again.

  3. Laurie

    Hi Donny, So how did you get it to work? I got att uverse a week ago and I can’t get mac mail to work properly either. Have called Att, apple and my server company. Soo much time wasted! Everyone just plays the third party card. And att tried to tell me to pay for support too. No way! Having mac mail work has never been a problem with any other internet providers. I can receive mail, but can’t send mail.

  4. Donny Claxton

    Honestly, I got them to unblock port 995 on their end. When shutting down Mail, etc. didn’t work, I gave up in frustration and just deleted the account all together. Once Shadowman commented, for the fun of it all, I reloaded Att.net and guess what? It worked. I don’t know if I had to wait a day for the servers to recycle or if it was simply a matter of rebooting the machine and then re-adding it after deletion since the “cut and paster” help from AT&T didn’t even suggest it.

    But give them a call. Ask them to unblock port 995 and then try the reboot. If that doesn’t work, wait a day or two. Since it’s not working, I’m sure you’re not relying on their email account to work…..

  5. The Dogman

    I’ve had Uverse for 3 hours. 3 glorious hours I’ve spent trying to have an outgoing mail server on a client account. Just spent an hour with these morons playing the third party game and talking like mac is a POS. The supervisor was Arthur badge number AV7839. I’ll be the shortest uverse customer ever.Uverse you can wake up now it’s 2010 and getting an outgoing mail server shouldn’t be this ridiculous.

  6. Jasperx

    I have had sbcglobal.net (AT&T) for about 5 years. It has been 5 years of intermittent issues with outgoing servers not working. Lately, it has gotten really rotten. They seem not to be able to handle me having my return email be me@mycompany.com… I have verified my address a dozen times over 5 years. I figure it is deliberate…they don’t get the free marketing of their name sitting in my email address. I am pretty fed up with the situation and it may be time to go try someone else. Other than the email sucking, the rest of the internet experience has been pretty good. Though it was a pain to figure out how to turn off their wireless and use my Airport base to do DHCP and wireless. I have it working now and would prefer not to have to start over with a new company.

  7. Rob

    I just tried setting up mail from my mac to the att.net account I have and it went right in without a hitch. I am using Snow Leopard 10.6.4

    I will post back if it blows up after a few days. 🙂


    Actually, the poster saying they were from ATT tech is giving wrong information. The email servers for all ATT and sublets are pop.att.yahoo.com (995 SSL) and smtp.att.yahoo.com (465 SSL). I work for connectech, the paid service that the chat tech was sending you to. The poster saying he was a dsl tech is all the reason why our service exists. The dsl customers are not trained techs, they are only there to support your modem and give you basic information concerning your email setup. NOt do the work for you. Your client set up is your concern, they are only required to give you the information not help you set it up as you can very well figure out, some customers have no clue and the help session for them could be a very long time. This is where the paid service comes in. If you cannot take the basic information DSL gives you, then you need more specialized hand holding which is what we give you. We will connect to your computer, look at your email settings and configure it for you and make sure its working when we are done. This is not what DSL techs are setup to do.

    Take it like this, if you buy a new car, you wouldnt go to the service desk of the car lot you purchased from and give them grief becuase you dont know how to change your oil would you? If you have them do it, it would cost you a fee…same with DSL. They provide a connection and work with that modem to maintain your connection, they will even give you the settings for your email client,but they wont set that client up for you as there are several cients that they would have to learn to support and different operating systems to support…

    Hope this helps..

  9. Gman

    I had U-verse installed right before Christmas and have had NO PROBLEMS at all with Apple Mail running on my Snow Leopard iMac and Macbook. My speed is 3x better than my former Bellsouth DSL. I’m a very happy U-verse customer!

  10. wesyde

    I know Russ posted this 6 months ago, but I see that this is obviously not a solved question either.

    The problem in my case was obviously not with Thunderbird, which I knew from the beginning. But I hope this information might save the $29 I just had to pay the Tier 2/ConnecTech person through AT&T.

    What I understood to be the problem: They no longer support third party e-mail or e-mail programs like Thunderbird without a fee. Allegedly the laws and regulations changed recently that prevents them from supporting non AT&T products. Part of the problem AT&T stated was because they were not receiving regular updates for the third party programs that could help customers. So unless you can find it through their support site or blogs on the internet, you have to now pay a vendor called ConnecTech…which some of the Tech 2 agents are trained in.

    This information might only work if you have a third party e-mail like myself where the incoming server is working, but the outgoing server is not. I also only missed one particular step in the whole process when I did it on my own. But since this is a blog, I will post the whole process for those that might be doing it for the first time.

    There are two ways to verify the e-mail account(s).

    **** I’m not sure if this step is needed, but I did verify my other account(s) through AT&T as a primary contact so that my bills or other communications will go to my private e-mail. This is how I did that:

    1. Log into your AT&T E-mail address through YahooMail.

    2. Go to the upper right hand side of the screen where it says “AT&T” and their logo appears. There is an arrow that scrolls down. Click “My Account”. This takes you to the member center part of your account.

    3. Update your contact information with your pesonal e-mail account or accounts, then follow the steps to verify these e-mail(s).

    **** Once this is done, I then verfied my account another way, this will help support AT&T’s outgoing server in Thunderbird.

    1. Log into your AT&T E-mail address through YahooMail.

    2. Go to the upper right hand corner of the screen where it says Options, and there is an arrow that scrolls down. Click “More Options”.

    3. On the right hand side of the screen there will be an option that states “Accounts”. Click on it.

    4. There will then be an option that says “Add Account”. Click on that.

    5. Fill out the first three boxes
    “Name Account (whatever you want to name it)”,
    “Your ‘From’ Name (What it states when you send an e-mail)”,
    and then the “E-mail Address (your private e-mail)
    John Doe’s Home E-mail Account
    John Doe

    6. “Save Changes” This will then send a pop-up asking for a 6 digit passcode. In blue, it states “Send Code”. Click it, and it automatically will send the e-mail to your private account (that is assuming your incoming server is already working).

    7. Check your e-mail for the six digit password, then enter that in the pop-up box. Your account is now verfied. You can add your other e-mail account there too.

    **This is the part I missed when setting up my outgoing server. I vaguely remember having to do this step when I had Uverse at another residence. Why we must pay $29 to remember this step now is very frustrating!?

    **** Lastly, set-up your “Outgoing Server (SMTP)” which is located uder account settings in Thunderbird. I was able to use my local information orginally provided without using Port 25 like suggested in other blogs.

    For example:
    Description: Not needed, but I named it AT&T’s Outgoing Server since I use a laptop and need different outgoing servers to access the Internet.

    Server Name: smtp.att.yahoo.com

    Port: 465

    User Name: Your AT&T E-mail account aka JohnDoe@att.net

    Authentication Method: Normal Password

    Connection Security: SSL/TLS

    All you need to do is then send a test e-mail so that Thunderbird prompts you for the password…but its looking for your AT&T e-mail password for your outgoing e-mail…because again, this is assuming you’ve set-up your incoming server already. 🙂

  11. Donny Claxton

    Thanks for your comments. I’m still having issues from time to time for absolutely no reason at all. It works, and then it doesn’t, and a few days, a few weeks go by and then it works again, or I re-enter the password and it works again. It’s maddening at times. I have issues here on the Mac, but it works fine on the iPhone and iPad. Go figure.

  12. Miriam

    OMG, I am going through the same frustrations with email and my Mac mail. It’s been a while since anyone has posted but have you all figured it out yet? I refuse to pay $49 for a tech service that is guaranteed for 5 days or pay $15 a month endlessly just in case the problem persists. I had the same problem as Donny posted on 1/25/11 but now I don’t even get that message anymore, it stopped working all together. Please post if you have come across a solution. I really hate having to read my emails with all that distracting advertising popping up everywhere.

  13. Cape

    Wesyde! you are the best! thank you for actually showing me how to verify my address!!!!! I have been searching for 36 hours until now. everything is working just fine now.

  14. betti

    i switched to att uverse, because they offered me a bundle package deal with my landline phone service,
    first of all, it turns out it is not bundled and att is a nightmare service,
    it really is not worth the , yes 700 DOLLAR SAVINGS PER YEAR to switch over,
    i say this due to the amount of time i have spent on the phone with over 30 att customer service agents,they do not knowing what is going on, and this is all prior to my att.net email not working with macmail and then yesterday i heard about this connect tech service, which is absolute bullS,,,,.
    i have never had so many issues, just with connecting to the service.
    and now i have three separate accounts and being billed three times, i have no idea what they are doing,
    but i gotta say, it is a ridiculously lame situation over there at AT&T
    i had earthlink prior to,
    expensive, but never had any issue with them-
    all i know is i cannot get my mac mail to work with my new att.net email, and have been on phone with att techs, they dont even know how to fix it,, you may get one person out of twenty that will actually tell you mac mail does not work with att,
    find another company before switching to at&t-
    avoid corporate!!!

    may we all have peace

  15. Brian

    IF you have NON ATT EMAIL ADDRESSES & APPLE’S “MAIL” program, can receive emails from non ATT accounts, but, CAN”T SEND EMAIL FROM Apple “MAIL”:

    ALL you have to do is:

    1.) go ahead and set the outgoing server settings as they tell you in apple’s mail,
    2.) Then in a web browser, log on to your ATT email account page through YAHOO,
    3.) Go to “My Account” and add the non att email addresses that ATT WON’T send email from.
    4.) ATT mail will send you an email saying you changed stuff.
    5.) Then they will send you another for each email address you added with a verification link to click near the bottom.
    6.) Click it and it will automatically verify your NON ATT addresses and then they will just start working.

    It’s simple and they could have easily included this on their “cut and paste” non-genius support.
    It doesn’t take a connect-tech guy to explain this simple procedure and what they are doing by requiring a call to a paid tech instead of providing the information PROPERLY is cultivating a condition to extort money from new customers via an outside tech fee to provide services they should have provided up front for free since it is their service requiring the changes.
    I’d go for a class action, you’d win.

    That will be $29……..just kiddin.

  16. Jess

    Your info is old. ATT has no option for any e-mail besides their own useless “att.net”!! If I had known what a mess they would make of my MAC Mail I would never have gone with uverse.

  17. Cone

    It’s been a few days since my switch from AT & T DSL to U Verse, and I’ve been having MacMail problems, too..even with all the account settings correct, SSL, the right ports, etc., it’s tempermental–sometimes it will connect and I’ll get e-mails, and sometimes I get the message that it can’t connect to the server.

    I’ve read about launching “Keychain Access” on the Mac, under Utlities, and doing a Keychain first aid/repair……am thinking of trying this tonight. Anyone else done this?

  18. Susan G

    I am the crazy that DID pay to use ConnecTech to help with MacMail not working after going from DSL to UVerse. After multiple hours with their Tier 2 support… it is even more messed up than before. ( Initially, I could receive and but not send. Now, I cannot do either!)

    Beyond frustrated at this point!

  19. Donny Claxton

    It’s frustrating to hear this still is an issue. I’ve quite using the email address they provide all together.

  20. Kerry Drake

    Quite simple here, if you own a Mac dont purchase an ATT UVerse sytstem. Its simply not supported. This is the 19th century you know.


    So! I’ve been having the same issues as you all with my att.net email and my imac and macbook pro. It used to work perfectly fine, for over a year, no problems! Recently since March, I’ve experienced intermittent problems. Within the last month its really bad and now I can’t get anything. The very STRANGE thing is that I have two other att.net email accounts set up on my macbook pro and guess what? They work just fine! (they are for my son and daughter to receive email from grandma and cousins). Its the main one that can not send or receive emails. It rejects the password every time and the port is the same as the other two accounts, the incoming and outgoing servers are the same as well. Another strange thing is that the att.net main account works just fine on my iphone and my ipad! Banging my head against the wall.


    well! well! I have an UPDATE. I googled the problem and I found the answer on an apple forum. Apparently yahoo servers can only accept 8 character passwords. As soon as I read it that made sense because my problems started after I changed my password due to spammers accessing my account and the knowledge that the passwords on my kids’ two att.net accounts were exactly 8 characters by chance. So I changed my att.net password to only 8 characters, added a new account in apple mail and VOILA it freakin works now! HALLUJAH! Here is the thread, post #17: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1358234

  23. Marian English

    Jennifer – thank you thank you thank you. I’ve wasted so much time trying to get my mail to work since I “upgraded” to Uverse a couple of weeks ago. I changed the password to exactly 8 characters and voila – everything runs smoothly. I had also had problems connecting to my att acount via my Kindle Fire which had no problems at all with the old DSL line. With Uverse it wouldn’t connect at all but with the password change it works fine, too.

  24. rosemary

    that is exactly what they told me. Except I went through all the settings with “Ofer” for 45 minutes. He couldn’t help me. then he had me call Yahoo who said they couldn’t help me (they only help DSL users) I called back ATT(level 1) and he said they could not help me with “3rd party mail clients” i.e. Apple Mail. I could “pay” to get help from them, of course.

  25. Fran

    I just switched to Uverse on 7/8/2013. The salesman was informed about the MAC. No longer sending emails through MAC mail at charter.net. ATT said it is a charter problem. Charter said it was a MAC problem. MAC said it was a “blocked port that needed to be scanned” (after paying a service fee). AT & T changed the settings on the Snow Leopard. MAC mail still is not working and A T & T simply stated “we don’t support MAC”.
    Apple please sue A T & T for monopoly.

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