I'm sure I'm falling into a trap by one of the Democratic campaigns here, but I had to laugh when I saw this the other day and when I went back for seconds, well, it was still there so here goes.

As you might know, the GOP has it's own negative campaign going on between Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson.  The election isn't until May and they were both running negative ads against each other at Thanksgiving.  Ridiculous. Perry has been endorsed by Sarah Palin–I had thought well of her up until that happened about nine months ago; and Kay has the support of former President G.W Bush.  So much for staying out of primary campaigns until we have a nominee.

Over of the Dem's side is the former mayor of Houston, Bill White and a political newcomer, businessman, ala, I can run the state like a business type because the politicians won't, I will, (gosh I think I was part of a campaign just like that in 1993-4).  The guy's name: Farouk Shami

So here's the trap.  See below the campaign yard sign of Mr. White:


Now see the campaign sign from Mr. Shami.


Now see what happens when they're put next to each other:


The trap is why hasn't the news media written about this?  Or if they have, I'm simply not paying attention, but maybe that's what the trap is.  If one complains that his signs look like my signs, all of a sudden the profiles of both are raised and we stop hearing about what Kay did or didn't vote for, or what friends Perry has helped or not helped.  For heaven's sake, I was putting in the turkey on Thanksgiving during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and heard a Perry attack ad. 

Anyways, to me, as an outsider, it looks like one of the campaigns purposely made their signs to look like the others.  Sure, there are lots of ways to design a campaign sign, but this truly looks suspicious, and certainly isn't very original. 

Not that it matters much anyway.  It'd take a miracle for most Texans to vote for a guy name Farouk Shami. Can you not just see the stereotypical dip chewing Cowboy when he hears that name, winces his eyes and then leans over to spit before he says somepin like, no Farouk'n way…..

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