Walmart, you need to either create a Walmart App for iPhone/Droid, that’s either linked to my FourSquare check in, or build your own that provides a map of the respective store layouts.  (UPDATE: @HAHMom says the app should also have a Walmart store locator.) Call it the Walmart/FourSquare In-Store Map App.

I’m a male shopper.  I absolutely despise the new layouts in your stores.  They’re confusing.  I used to be able to tell people exactly where things were in your store.  I’ve never even worked there.  Now, they have all been literally, fruit basket turned over.  Food is on left, or food on the right.  With food on the right, the stationary/office supplies are a left turn at the left entrance.  Or they’re straight ahead.  Or they’re somewhere else.

Trying to find things like pizza ingredients, salad dressings, water, sodas, and juices means going to different aisles completely and adds to my time in your store.  As a shopping dad, I want to get into your store, get what I need, and get either back to work, back home to cook, or to spend time with my kids.

I am not in your store for a mid-day treasure hunt. If I wanted a a confusing layout, I’d go to a grocery store.

The Walmart/FourSquare App Map

How about this.  When I check in on FourSquare, how about you give me the option of opening a map of the respective store I’m in.  Adding a search function would help, too.  If you don’t want to link with FourSquare, (which would be a tactical mistake on your part) then build your own app.  I prefer you use FourSquare because I don’t want another app on my phone.

And While We’re Talking

What’s the deal with dropping Ken’s Steakhouse Thousand Island dressing?  It’s the one kind that actually tastes like the stuff that’s on a salad bar in a restaurant.   Please fix this problem.

Thanks for listening.

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