Well, it looks like AT&T’s Website, already noted here for it’s poor functionality is up to it again.

I hate going to their site as it is. It’s worse when the damn thing doesn’t work on top of everything else.

  1. Beatrice Huth

    I lost my phone; my fault; go to AT & T to buy a new phone and get it fixed with my old number.

    Fellow at Counter: Looks up my account; after I provide my phone number; he says you don’t have insurance on the phone? WHAT? No, why would I buy insurance on a phone you gave to me for free.
    Then he says I’m not eligible for a phone? WHAT I can’t purchase another phone? Not until August 16th or maybe December when my plan would renew? WHAT?
    So I walked out of there scratching my head; the young man behind the counter didn’t even understand what I said; nor did he listen; he would have had a sale; but he didn’t hear anything; only looked at my account and not me.
    SO either they failed to train the poor fellow to listen to what customers say; or he was a new salesperson who wasn’t trained. EITHER WAY THEY FAILED.
    WHAT A WASTE. So I go to their website to try and figure it out. I register; but because I have no phone for them to text me; they are going to send it in the mail? WHAT. How can I fix the problem if I can’t send an e-mail requesting help; or even get inside of their space because of no log in code. SO ROUND AND ROUND I WENT TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO CONTACT THEM…NEVER WORKED. THEN THEY HAD THE NERVE TO ASK HOW MY EXPERIENCE WAS ON THEIR WEBSITE? WHAT?????
    Never had this much trouble trying to purchase a new phone. UNBELIEVABLE!! I’m not done though…tomorrow I’m going to work up to calling them on the phone…I WON”T GIVE UP; then I’ll write a letter and after that I’ll think of some other way to contact them until satisfaction occurs. NEVER GIVE UP/they will eventually have to pay attention if you contact them enough times in enough ways.

    I left Verizon several years ago for their lack of service; if your going to hire people at least train them; ADVICE TO AT&T and VERIZON.

    END OF MY RANT FOR TONIGHT; but not forgotten….Will start up again tomorrow as time allows…still have to live my life…AT&T your causing me time/trouble/aggravation/frustration/thinking of finding a new cellphone service in December……

    Then to top it all off the At&T counter person said I could go buy a track phone and use it for the remainder of my contract? WHAT???? HE COULDN”T SELL ME A PHONE??????????????????????? UNBELIEVABLE STILL.


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