Since Nov. 15 on this blog, I’ve been making the argument that the Dallas Cowboy‘s third-string quarterback, Stephen McGee, should be playing.  From early on in the season, the continued excuses of Tony Romo , hence-forth to be referred to as “Woemo,”  had become a drone.  Then he legitimately broke his clavicle and that was the end of him for the season.  Whew.  We got a break from multiple interceptions per game and lots of excuses in the locker room.  We got a break from the stories about Jessica Simpson, Carrie Underwood, all of it.  

Then we got to see 38-year-old (and only three years younger than Brett Favre) Jon Kitna.  He’s a nice guy, but did I mention he’s 38?  Did I mention all the INTs he kept throwing when he took over from the injured Woemo?   Then last week, we caught another break for the Dallas Cowboys.  Kitna got hurt. (From the beginning, I’ve kinda wondered if there wasn’t some deal cut somewhere or Kitna figured out that hey, McGee should be getting a chance to play and the only way that’ll happen is if I’m out.  But these are competitive guys and surely that didn’t happen.)

So there we were Cowboy’s Fans.  We finally got to Stephen McGee.

Last week he had a good game.  Threw a great rainbow TD pass.  No interceptions and got 19 yards rushing.   Not based on anything but impressions, I got the feeling that he was the best running back on the team.  I mean, honestly, let’s face it.  Julius Jones hasn’t amounted to much this season.  On most plays, he got handed the ball and a step or two later he was on the ground.  Yes, he made a couple breakaways, but they were few and far between.

And then there was Marion Barber.  Let’s face it, in The Lord of the Rings, Barber would have made a great Orc.  He looks like one.  It’s just too bad he can’t run like one.

The Last Game of 2010

So on the last game of the season for the Cowboys, with Jerry Jones looking like he’d lost his favorite puppy talking to Tony Siragusa about who would be the next head coach for the team, Stephen McGee got to have his first NFL start tonight.

There was little that was explosive about the Cowboy’s offense.  They struggled most of the game.  I don’t think I’ve watched a game ever with that many three and outs.  The defensive secondary, coached by Dave Campo, (we all do remember the disastrous and painful time he was head coach of the Cowboys, right?) left holes in it wide enough for the second string Eagles to throw at liberty.  How the defense held them to only 13 points is beyond me.

But here’s what was good about the game.  1) The Cowboys won.  2) Stephen McGee, though a little below .500 in passing, never threw a single interception.  In the game in Arizona, on commentator said at half time after Kitna had thrown two INTs that had been run in for TDs, that he didn’t realize “it was still Christmas with Jon Kitna still handing out gifts.” 3) Stephen McGee did what no Dallas Cowboy quarter back has done since Troy Aikman in 1989–that’s 21 years ago; he rushed for almost 60 yards.

So as Jerry Jones makes decisions that need to be made but will not let his ego get out of the way to make the one decision he needs to make most–fire himself as General Manager of the Cowboys–it’s time to face it.  There needs to be a competition between Woemo and McGee for the starting spot in 2011.  If we’re into the second game of 2011 and are losing and Woemo is lamenting about how “the switch is going to get turned on shortly,” it’s time to put his ass back where it’s been for a portion of the season–the sidelines.  Kitna needs to go. Did I mention he’s 38?  The running backs, and I use that term loosely, need to be reassessed.  The offensive line, most of them, need to get into the insurance business and stay there.  And the secondary and its coach Campo?  Well, I think that’s fairly obvious, too.

Oh, and Anyone? Anyone?  Anyone?  Can you say Buehler? Yeah, he needs to be kicked further from the Cowboy’s roster than he can kick a ball–which doesn’t appear to be very far. And Jason Garrett? The only complaint I have about him is his ballcap and doing TV interviews.  The guy hides his eyes, so it’s hard to get a real good idea of what he’s really thinking.  The hat needs to come off for the TV shows.  I’m fine with him being head coach.

I’m so worried about 2011.  With Woemo having had the ability to dodge the criticism that would finally have caught up with him had he played every game this year, he’s been able to hide behind his latest ailment.  If we start the pre-season over again next summer/fall and we’re still losing preseason games like we did this year–all except the one where Woemo and Kitna didn’t dress and McGee played and won–(okay, it was against Miami so not entirely fair) we need to come to grips with the most important fact of all–Tony Romo is a nice guy, a pretty face, etc.  but he’s not the star quarterback the fairytale of 2010 made him out to be.

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