I’m trying to rest, but wanted to write a few lines before I go back to sleep.

I had a mild heart attack Sunday.  About 11 a.m. my chest started feeling like it was going to explode and my throat was closing in.  I couldn’t decide if it was an allergic reaction or my heart.  Sunday’s events were in stark contrast to the happiness I had enjoyed Friday evening and all day Saturday with a friend and family.  I was as happy as a lark Sunday morning before it felt like my chest was caving in.

Thanks to SK Chauhan, the Huntsville Fire Department and the cardiac group at Huntsville Hospital, after a couple hours they discovered the problem. I had one artery blocked 98 percent and a second one 75 percent.  They put in a stent on the blocked one Monday and are treating the second with meds. As a friend of mine just told me this morning, “You’re only 45! You’re way too young for this sort of thing to be happening!” 

“The Double Bitch-Slap of Life”

Sunday was a wake up call.  If it had not had happened, the heart attack that would have come down the road likely wouldn’t have been so “mild.”  I can tell you, a mild heart attack wasn’t a walk in the park.

So many of you have written, texted, FBed, etc that I need to relax and “make everything about me,” to get rest, to sleep, etc.

My three daughters back in Texas have been so grown up and supportive.  I’m so proud of them.  My dad left Northern Indiana to be here with me.  My mom and sister came up from Montgomery. Thank you.

On an early morning call with one of my best of friends ever, I said, “My brain runs wild with things to do! I don’t know how to relax and turn it off!” She sternly quipped, “You’re gonna need to figure that out. You’ve just received the Double Bitch-Slap of Life.  I hope you’re listening to me.

Much of my life has been focused on my practice of Value-Centered Living; “helping others irrespective of how it benefits me.”  That’s what I try to do.  The thought of just worrying about me feels so foreign.

But I know she’s right–not that I’ll admit that to her.  It’s time for some changes.  I’ve lost 30 lbs now in five months.  Time to really lose that other 100.  I’m to start building up to walking five days a week for 30 minutes once I’m fully wrested in a week or more.  Diet has to change even more than it already has.  Ugh.


Thanks again to all of you who have written, called, come to see me or texted.  Gonna stop now.  Time to close my eyes again and rest. Thank you all again.

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  1. Trayce

    triple double b!tch slap….more hugs to you and all that other stuff. NOW eat that JELLO and REST. Everything else you will be able to take hold of when you are healed. xxoo

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