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Last night was a first.  At about 8:30 p.m. I decided I was finally hungry for some sort of snack, (It was actually my supper) so I asked Chandler, 14, and her twin sisters to make me some nachos like my dad used to make–Triangle chips, a Jalapeno or two and then enough American Cheese to cover the peppers on each chip.

So in a matter of about six minutes, they were ready and I went into the kitchen to begin consuming such a tasty, albeit unhealthy, snack.  Seeing an entire cookie sheet covered in the tasty treats, I began eating them fresh and still hot off the sheet.  That’s when Reagan, 11, jumped in and began putting them on a plate telling me “These are yours.”

When I protested, Chandler came to back up the argument.  I mean, she came to back up REAGAN.

While they both never said these are “Not-chors,” they did take half the bounty and headed to the couch.  Haley, 11, came in to see what the fuss was about, and then wanted to know why they all had jalapenos on them.

The Claxton Nacho Tradition

As I’ve noted before, eating Nachos like this is a tradition that goes back in my memory for almost 40 or more years now. I remember faking my brother Richard out at nights and going up to our room to get him to go to sleep so I could sneak back down in hopes that dad would make me a few with no peppers, and I could watch something like Hawaii Five-O with him.  That was in the days when Doritos hadn’t decided to dip their chips in every possible combination and sell them in every form except plain.

Now, my three eldest daughters have joined along.  And not to worry about Haley–I probably wasn’t 17 or 18 before I braved up enough to put Jalapeno on mine either.  I’d become so persuaded by my dad that they were too hot to eat.

Which is funny now.  When we moved to Texas this last time, I found a salsa made with Jabenero peppers.  I don’t know what Jabenero really means in Spanish, but I think it’s got to mean something to the effect of “DAMNED HOT!” I’ll eat that salsa now, still, but come to think of it, it’s been a lot of years since I have.

Speaking of Hawaii Five-O

The girls hadn’t been here five minutes last night and all three were in front of the TV, had the remote and were jumping to the AT&T U-verse recorded shows.  The first one rolling?  Last Monday’s episode of the new Hawaii Five-O.   Now tell me these three girls aren’t like their old man…..

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