When I make a surprise visit to the Lincoln Memorial, I usually think of how awesome President Abe Lincoln was.  I’ve never had a time when someone has ever thought my or anyone else’s being there created an associated comparison with him instead.  And no matter how many times this sitting president goes there or invokes the name of Honest Abe, the only thing in my mind it assures is how far apart in historical proportions the two of them are.


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Lincoln, our nation’s 16th president stands, or at least at the memorial, sits in a league all unto himself.  And unless it starts sinking into the Potomac like the Jefferson Memorial does a millionth of an inch each year, he hopefully forever will.

Last night President Obama made a “surprise” visit to the Lincoln Memorial where he was able to tell the surprised Lincoln Memorial visitors that because of the work done in Washington by the Congress, they were still able to visit it.

Now, that’s curious.  I know they can close some of the doors around the memorial, but I’m not sure even with a government shut down that would’ve stopped visitors from going there.

But what Obama was really trying to do was have each and every one of us to draw some mental connection between him and the austerity of Lincoln.  He and the White House might deny that, but I really don’t care if they do.  Him showing up there wasn’t an accident.

I wish this president was indeed more like Lincoln.  When faced with the splintering of our nation, Lincoln led.  Obama seems to just tell people to work it out and “call him in the morning.”

Lincoln was in control of his military and decisive with it.  When  after months of preparation and parading around DC by Gen. McClellan, Lincoln said something to the effect of “would it be okay if he could borrow it for awhile.”  Contrast that with our current president and Libya, who instead of leading the charge in Lybia, has defaulted and punted to NATO. We don’t even really know who it is we’re helping there.

Lincoln did broad history changing things.  He issued the Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves.  He kept the Union from falling apart.  He suspended laws in order to save the nation.

This president has passed a health care law that has caused greater upheaval in America.  This president has gone about the globe apologizing to world leaders about our nation.  He’s bowed to foreign leaders.  He even has shaken hands with Lybia’s Ghaddafi, even though the man has long been known to be responsible for the Lockerbie bombing that killed so many Americans. Could you do that?  I wouldn’t.

Lincoln and company buried the Northern dead in Gen. Lee’s front yard at Arlington to ensure he could never use it again for a home.

But I digress.

I was embarrassed for President Obama when I heard last night he’d picked the Lincoln Memorial to show up at.  He emphasized a difference that couldn’t be more obvious than night and day.

America needs a leader.  We have a follower in chief.

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