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I caught the president’s speech last night about the Lybian situation. He seemed quite proud of being able to attack Lybia in 31 days time. America is being supported by our allies in this endeavor and we are turning over control of the operation tomorrow to NATO. But it will be headed by an American general and most of the enforcement still be carried out by American military personnel. And while we are not taking sides, one leader has to go. Double speak at its best.

Shortly before he began speaking, FOX News was showing photos and a history of Muammar Ghadafi and his terroristic tendencies through his 40 years of rule. Then they showed a 2009 photo of President Obama shaking hands with him. I was stunned and amazed. No, shocked and awed.

Given Ghaddafi’s past, his involvement in the Lockerbie Airline bombing where 100-plus Americans were killed, how in Hell’s hot air do you as the President of the United States even allow yourself to be put in a position for that to happen? (Is he going to shake hands with Osama Bin Laden if he ever meets him, too?”)

If I’d not been doing work today I would have gone back and pulled the audio from last night where the president was calling Ghaddafi what he really is and played it under a constant Ken Burns’ moving photo of that handshake. Tag out is simple. “Mr. President. Is Ghaddafi your friend or your foe?”

At this writing, I don’t know the answer either. But that’s the thing that is consistent with this president.

As someone wrote me the other day, Libya has demonstrated President Obama’s prime military principles of war:

1) Flexibility is the key to victory.
2) Indecision is the key to flexibility.

We are not taking sides in Lybia. But Ghaddafi has got to go….


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