Back in late December I saw the news accounts of how Rachel Weisz had taken up with Daniel Craig, aka, .007, over the holidays and as a result of the upcoming release of Dream House this September. 

Having long had an impossible for anything to come of it crush on Rachel, I scoured Twitter to see if she was there.  I found @realRachelWeisz and sent a message: “Hey Rachel, I’m more of a man that Daniel Craig will ever be.” The next morning I awoke to a response from @realRachelWeisz saying, “Ha!  We’ll see about that.”

Promising that I would behave, I asked a few days later if she would “give us a follow” on Twitter, and the next morning she obliged and I became the 45th person who she followed.

Days passed through January and February with as many as five days passing in between her posts, but it was always a joy to wake up and see a fun message from her on the ole iPhone upon waking up.  Particularly one sent to me, DaddyClaxton.

Was This Really Rachel Weisz?

To be honest, there have been days when I questioned that very point.  But through her Twitter stream and comments we shared via email since December, I can honestly argue either side of the argument, but I’m coming down on the, yes, it was.  I firmly believe it was her.

Last Saturday Morning

I was headed to Birmingham, AL from Huntsville last Saturday when Rachel began chiming in on Twitter.  Cheerfully I asked her what she had planned for the day and she immediately responded that she was sending me an email.  It arrived shortly thereafter and has left an opportunity open that I need to follow up on.  Being on the road myself this week has made that a further challenge, but I digress.

A few moments later, Rachel sent out another tweet.  This one said that she was going to terminate her Twitter account in an hour’s time, and since her message was longer than 140 characters, it went to Twitlonger.

Here is what she wrote:

On Saturday 19th March 2011,@realRachelWeisz said:

I had a fun couple of months here with the company of all you twitter people. As you can see, everything is getting more hectic than usual, my schedule is all packed up. I decided to finally let twitter go since it’s really cramming up my schedule even more. Like I said, I really had fun in your company and I hope you understand my reasons on actually leaving the twitter world. No worries, you won’t even know notice I’m gone. I’m actually working on online projects with some amazing people right now, So I won’t be out for long.

This twitter account will be gone in less than an hour. I’ll see you all in the future!

Stay amazing my lovely twitter friends!

You Won’t Even Notice I’m Gone

Well, Rachel was certainly mistaken about that point.  Throughout the past week I’ve received Tweets from a number of people asking what happened.  And since she deleted the account, her post disappeared, too.

So thanks to everyone this week who has inquired.  At we will step up the information she’s asked for and hopefully get things moving very soon.

Because let’s face it, we have noticed that @RealRachelWeisz is gone……

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  1. Rick

    That was not Rachel Weisz. Rachel said in an interview that she does not have a twitter or face book accont.

  2. amy

    @Rick can you provide a link to this interview? I’ve always wondered if it was really her..
    Thanks Donny for writing this article, at least i got to read the last message.. I only found out she was gone after she wrote that, it left me very saddened even though, as I said before, I’m still not sure of who she really was lol

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