There’s no other accurate way to say it: 2011 is off with a bang.

My apologies for the break in posts here the past week. I’ve been on the run with about 15 projects that are keeping me going, going and going. Yesterday, in the DFW area alone, I drove 138.6 miles and had three business meetings and did one TV interview with Univision 23 along with my client, Veronica Galaviz, seen below doing her interview as well.

Lessons Learned This Week

There were some important ones.  Not necessarily reaffirmed, but re-confirmed.

1) When you’re in the media relations business, promptness is still HUGE.  Wednesday night at 6:30 I received a call from a reporter at the CBS affiliate here in Dallas asking about proposed legislation that would create a Domestic Violence Register in Texas if passed.  At 6:45 I’d found Veronica and asked if she’d do the interview, within the hour.  At 7:30 we met the TV crew in downtown Dallas.  At 8:04 p.m we were done.  In the A-block of the 10 p.m. news that night, Veronica was on air just after the “How cold is it going to get here tonight?” segment.  From the 1992 documentary “The War Room”  SPEED STILL KILLS.  Here’s what became of our efforts.

2) I have a wide array of talented friends all across the globe.  When it comes to doing key projects, I need input and assistance from my friends because I cannot do it all alone.  Not only has it been a great week to catch up with friends who have been in the trenches with me in the past, there’s also a good chance we’re about to jump into a new one in the very near future.

3) Spending time with my kids is still important and I have to continue to find a balance between work and them.  Of course, my girls all love it when I take them with me on one of my many adventures, so it’s not all bad when it happens that a TV crew is waiting, and my assistance is needed.

4) Having a mentor meeting once a week to talk about what he’s doing, what I’m doing, what we want to accomplish the next week or so, is so valuable in keeping my moral, business and personal compass pointing toward True North.

5)  There are so many in need of assistance, I have to be careful about over-extending myself.

The 24/7 World And Doing The Right Thing

In the first Bourne movie, The Bourne Identity, Marie emphatically tells Jason that “No one tries to do the right thing.” And daily I find myself having a conversation with myself about doing too much of the right thing.

When I see people I know suffering, I want to drop all I can to help them out.  When someone worse off than I am needs a lift, I try to offer it.  And back to what I’ve written before about Value Centered Living, most often I assist without consideration of what it’s going to bring me in return.  In my mind, we as a society have gotten to far away from doing what’s right because it’s the right thing to do.  Too many of us do the right thing because if we do, we might somehow strike it rich.

I’ve worked long, intense hours this week.  Often sitting here at the desk focusing on challenges and opportunities until my eyes ache and are glossing over.  And yet when I’ve finally called it a day and gone to bed, I’ve slept well, satisfied with the knowledge that many of the things I did that one day, and will hopefully rise up the next to address, are making a difference in the world.  And most importantly, I’m living a life adventure and telling the story of things that are exciting to tell.

More proof of that is just around the corner…

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