Between the ice and snow of the past two weeks, coupled with the hype from the Super Bowl, and then the normal media reaction to the fact that Southern states just don’t handle winter weather situations well, I think I speak for many in North Texas who are quite ready to move on back to the usual fare news coverage–shootings, stabbings, robberies–you know, the “if it bleeds, it leads” kind of stuff. 

But this whole matter over the seating at Cowboy’s Stadium at the Super Bowl where 400 fans were told at the last minute they did not have seats, even though they held expensive tickets in their hands, in news reporting is fast taking on the similarities of Julian Assange and the Sweedish allegations about him being wanted over simply not having used a condom or whether he indeed raped those two women.  From the more specific accounts about the Assange charges, it sounds like it’s more of the former than the latter, but the latter is what has become the most common and over-used term in describing his situation.

The same thing is happening here in Dallas over the mysterious seating debacle.

  • Initially Sunday, the reports were that the fire marshal had ruled at the last minute that the seats were unsafe and could not be used.
  • Then there is the version that the NFL knew about it sometime early last week and decided not to say anything about it to keep from frustrating people and causing anxiety.
  • Then there came the whole bit Monday night when Brandon Todd at KDFW FOX in Dallas got the first interview with a company representative who, really, I couldn’t discern what he was saying, “Snow and ice … couldn’t get into the building, worked real hard, trips back and forth with equipment were hampered, told the NFL, blah blah blah.”
  • There’s also been the thing where Super Bowl Host Committee members knew about it but couldn’t do anything about it because by that point it was the NFL’s situation.

Well, a lawsuit already has been filed.  It’s Wednesday.  That didn’t take long.

Maybe once this thing gets to court we’ll finally get the answer to what we apparently don’t know now: Who knew what, and when did they know it?

In this Watergate-ish tale, do you suppose Jerry Jones would be Nixon?

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