UPDATE: Well, it didn’t take long.  CNN is reporting tonight that after three interviews with “not trying to capitalize on someone’s situation Dr. Phil” has helped Williams decide to go into rehab.  The story largely talks about more of what I was worried about before.  The guy is going to have a rough time.  Is it really critical that we all now know about him still drinking, fighting with a daughter in LA, and the family’s concerns about him?  Gosh, Dawg, MSM, let the guy heal and stay out of his business.   And Dr. Phil’s show, are you really so high and mighty that it required you to put out a statement talking about how you helped get him into rehab?

I’m deeply concerned about Ted Williams Like a childhood actor, he’s gone from zero to 250 mph in a week’s time, now largely isolated from the reality that was, with a troubled past that involved jail time, drugs, etc.

Remember the old, “You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl?”

Same thing, here.  He’s like a lottery winner who wins a multi-million dollar jackpot and then blows it by giving it away to friends, family, and long-shots.

Not to mention the psychological changes that have to be going on in his head.

Yes, the media loves a rags to riches story.  They also love Act 2, the demise, so they can write the other half of the story; returning to back to life the way it was. Then comes the obit on how they helped lift him above the odds, but he just couldn’t sustain floating on air and hit the ground harder on the way back down.

I saw CNN at least had the sense to do a story today about this very subject. All part of the star still rising part.  When the TV cameras and lights are gone and he’s back to being an everyday guy again, I hope and pray he doesn’t sink back into the morass of what was his life a week ago.  It won’t be the first time the media helped do this, and it won’t be the last.

What do you think is going to happen with him?   Is there a way to collectively help him remain afloat?  Or will he become a victim of the media as time progresses and the hype fades?

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