Dear Jerry Jones,

This post has been coming as the result of many years of frustration of watching what you have done to the Dallas Cowboys. (See the photo below? That’s me when I was 10 years old living in Northern Michigan while my dad was in the Air Force serving our country. I’m wearing my Cowboys sweater that I wore daily in the fourth grade.)

My brothers and I used to play football like so many boys of that era dreaming we were Dallas Cowboys. I can hear myself now giving audibles, “Step into the shotgun,” and backing up three paces behind one of my brothers who would then run a wacky pattern and I’d throw a stunning completion, perfect spiral to him and we’d once again beat the Redskins or Steelers with only seconds remaining on the clock.



We even wanted mom to buy some gray die so she could color our long-john underwear to match the color of Cowboys’s uniforms. We would have played in the backyard in them if she’d done it.

Our heroes were Roger Staubach, Randy White, Too-Tall Jones, Drew Pearson, Randy Waters and Tony Dorsett. We watched every time the guys played because they were poetry, they were dedicated to the sport, and they were all around good people.

Today’s Cowboys

I won’t go into here about how you handled Coach Tom Landry‘s departure. I won’t go into a bunch of things. Yes, you did a great thing in building Cowboy’s Stadium. I’ve been once for a World Cup soccer game but never to a Cowboy’s game.  And at this writing, I’m probably never going again. Not until some things change.

In case you missed the news preparing for the commanding win you had last night over Oakland, you know the one where the kicker scored three points and Tony Romo turned in another underwhelming performance, Miami’s Chad Johnson allegedly got into a domestic abuse situation with his wife of two months on Friday. Yesterday, the team let him go.  VH-1 has even canceled their reality TV show.  The coach said it was because of a series of things, but ultimately, a head-butt to your wife ought to be enough on it’s own to help a team know that a player needs to be shown the door.

Contrast that with how you handled your own recent domestic violence situation allegedly involving one of your number one draft picks. On KTVT CBS 11 last night, the ESPN announcers were talking about how Coach Jason Garrett is saying your playa’ has been having a great training camp.  Now that Sen. Royce West of Dallas has helped convince the player’s mother that the charges should be dropped, it’s like it never happened.

But you’ve shown your true character in all this Jerry, and it makes me sick.  On top of watching Tony Romo do what he does best, make excuses about his poor performances, tell me one player in your stable who matches up to any of the names I mentioned at the top of this post.  Jason Witten is probably as close as you have.  The commentators last night were taking about Tony’s name being in the Ring of Honor some day.  Seriously? If you did that and I were Staubach, White, Waters, etc. I’d ask to have my name taken down. But those guys are even too classy for that.

I’m sure it won’t matter squat to you, Jerry, but I’m turning in my silver and blue star now.  You’ve been able to tarnish its shine to the point of where it’s no longer the beautiful emblem it was when I was a young boy.  There’s no excuse for domestic violence.  And you’ve now shown that to you, winning (and you’re barely doing that) is far more important.

The Cowboys have long been called America’s Team. I’d say that after your tenure at the top, that clearly isn’t the case anymore. Think of the names of the thugs you’ve had on your team.  Besides Tory Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin, what more have you really done with this team? It doesn’t matter to me anymore. When you keep someone on the team who hits his mom that’s where we part ways.  And I hope I’m not the only one who feels that way.

If you’ve ever lived through domestic violence, it’s a horrible, horrible thing and turning a blind eye to it will only lead to other events down the road. But if you own a multimillion dollar football franchise and a billion dollar stadium, it apparently doesn’t matter. Just so long as you’re winning. And boy, that three points last night was so impressive.

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  1. John Ralston

    Yes Donny I feel the same as you.At 50 years old all these names of these guys of the past were my hero’s too.Jerry Jones has totally dismantled the whole Dallas Cowboy Era.Pro sports really makes me sick to watch these days.Turn in your Pink Slip Jerry Let your son Steve the V P run the team is what I SAY!!!

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