I’ve done a lot of things in my professional career, but I have to tell you, running a Kickstarter.com campaign is fast becoming a daily agonizing process but I know in my heart, we’re going to meet our goal and make something very big happen around the world–begin producing a series of Interactive Books for the iPad that will be enjoyed, read and used by generations around the world for years to come.

The tipsters say to start a campaign on Monday.  We started on Thursday and in that time, we’ve been able to pick up $700-plus so far in pledges.

Kickstarter.com Update

Kickstarer.com, if you don’t know, is a crowd-source fund-raising site where you post specifics about a project you want to work on, and then ask people to help back your idea with pledges.  For their support, you commit to provide them with cool rewards–in our case, often a copy of the forth coming Interactive Book for the iPad on Machu Picchu in Peru, and a bunch of other cool things, like a person giving $25 or more scoring their name in the back of the book as a supporter of the project.

But I have to tell you, it is a grueling process.  Already I’ve sent more than a 100 emails and messages to people. At this writing, the Facebook LIKEs for our project is at 72.  That’s pretty inspiring.

And today, we received a backing from a man in South Africa!  Now that’s just about the coolest thing ever to me, because, well, we received a commitment from a person in South Africa on a project I came up with back in July.  The idea, literally is spreading around the world.  And just a few minutes ago, I also came across a Twitter post from a woman in Round Rock, Texas who was retweeting the link to our Kickstarter.com URL.   The best thing about both of these two people is I’d never heard of them before a few hours ago.  And now, we’re joined in this big project.  A GLOBAL project, and that’s just as rewarding to me personally as the fact that an idea I have is gaining momentum worldwide.

I had breakfast this morning with my long-time friend, Ron Rose, and we discussed several strategies we’re going to come with Monday, so make sure you check back to TheWondersExpedition.com and here for the latest!

My advice about starting a Kickstater.com campaign?  Be ready for a 24/7 project for the entire length of your project.  We set ours for 34 days that way we could start promoting it just before a pay period, catch the mid-month pay period, and also still be live for a second when the countdown is on and the pressure to meet the goal will be excruciating if we’re not close or have exceeded the goal by then.

My other advice, when you start seeing blurry eyed at about 11:29 p.m. on a Saturday night, remember, you still have 31 minutes to campaign left in the day!



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