Editor’s Note: From now until Jan 1, 2013, I plan to write a piece here daily on DaddyClaxton.com to say thank you to someone I know for the recognized or unrecognized contributions they have made to my life, that of my family, friends or the general public.

Thank You, Guy McCullough

I first met Guy McCullough in June of 1993 while working on Birmingham, Alabama’s City Stages–their now defunct annual Father’s Day Weekend outdoor music festival that at the time featured 11 stages and hundreds of acts throughout the weekend. Guy, through his advertising firm, ran the media and promotions side of the house and ran it like a top.

Thank You, Guy McCullough of Birmingham, AL

At the close of the event, I was gathering up hoses, back-flow valves, coolers, extension cords, you name it and had a golf cart overflowing with stuff, and got a chuckle out of Mr. McCullough because there literally wasn’t any room left for anything else on the cart. I stopped and said a farewell and thought that would be the last of it.

The next day or so later I was in the office of Montgomery business man Winton Blount III talking to him about being the PR person for his 1994 bid for governor.  The conversation went well and he got to a point where he said, “I want you to meet my media consultant.”  And in through the door walked Guy McCullough. I got the job working with Winton, which meant I’d be working regularly with Guy and the late Lawrence Bear of Montgomery.

I’ve learned a lot of just about everything from Guy McCullough throughout the years.

I’ll never forget a conversation we had some time around February of 1994.  He instructed that I should “get a laptop computer and go get a PCMCIA card running at 14.4 MPS,” so that we could exchange emails, spot script ideas and oh yeah, “Get a CompuServe account,” (A what?!) so we can share stuff through there, too. “You’ll also be able to get news information, etc,” he said at the time.

So in early 1994, I got a Toshiba laptop running Windoze whatever was just coming about at the time, that had MS Word on no less than 10 or 12 of the 3.5″ plastic floppy drives, and I spent $199 on a PCMCIA Card, which we now would call a modem, and in 1994 running 14.4 was like lightning, and for $9.99 a month I got my first email address and was amazed at what all one could find using CompuServe, which at the time was the leader, ahead of AOL.

And so, I’ve been using laptops and the Internet ever since.

And the impact that has had on my life has been unfathomable.

And I give the credit for being so far ahead of the curve then to Guy McCullough. Makes me wonder what all he’s really up to today……

Through the years, we’ve remained good friends and any time I’ve come up with good, and sadly, some bad ideas, he’s helped me see the error of my ways, sometimes wryly, but honestly and straightforward nonetheless.

He’s been asking me to bet him a steak dinner on who is going to win the elections tomorrow night. I seem to recall him already owing me one, though a week or two ago he was saying I’d lost somewhere along the way and we were even again. I don’t remember the latter part, but …

It was Guy who at this time in 1993 had written the commercials that set Winton Blount III and his campaign apart from the others in the race. We were doing production right now of the infamous pigs and politicians at the political trough commercials. We ran a 1-minute long spot, which began during football on Thanksgiving that year. Running a 1-minute spot, even then was considered unusual, but it got Winton’s campaign a lot of attention.

As I continue this series, I’m not listing people in any order of importance. They’re all important to me. But I have to tell you, Guy McCullough’s influence has had a tremendous impact on my life and I cannot thank him enough for all he’s done.

By the way, Guy. I’ll take mine medium well…. You’ll want to come to Dallas to actually have a steak. I don’t think Birmingham is really the place for something like that…





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