Dear Mr. Romney,


Romney (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

So the press jumped on you earlier this week for being critical.  For my money, you’ve not been critical enough and it’s time to kick things up.  WAY UP.

Remember what happened on Inauguration Day when President Ronald Reagan assumed office?  By the time he took the oath that day, Iran had our hostages, who had sat there in the benignly weakened days of the Carter Administration on a plane on the way out of the country before he could get the military officer’s launch codes “Football” by his side. The Iranians knew that if they still had the hostages in place when Reagan took power, we would be bringing battle cruisers and bombers to what they had assumed was a knife fight.

That’s where America is again, sadly.  Our president as you say, went on an “apology” tour when he took office and bowed down to nearly every foreign leader he could find.  He even sought out and shook hands with Qaddafi.

Your campaign has had you trying to be too much of a nice guy to show you’re personable.  I disagree with that strategy at this point. We need to see your pissed side.  Think back to an instance of candidate Reagan pissed that he wasn’t going to get to use the microphone he had paid for in a debate. We haven’t seen that in you and neither have leaders in foreign countries who are quite happy to keep having an American wimpy president who hesitates to take action when Americans are in harm’s way or dictators are slaughtering their own people by the thousands; who would rather be on Letterman than talk to Ben Netanyahu; who would come to them and bow down.

It’s time to spell out the Romney Doctrine.  Go to Montgomery, AL and stand outside the gates of Maxwell Air Force Base with the Air Command and Staff College and the Air War College, or go to West Point, but go somewhere with military significance and somewhere people will listen.  Affirm to the world that when an American soft target like an embassy or the like is attacked it will be regarded as an act of war.  Affirm that we won’t be leaving our State Department ambassadors in a near-war zone with little or no protection.  Affirm that our State Department won’t be advising our forces around the world everything is going to be normal on an anniversary of 9/11, but rather that it will be heightened security here in America, in our territories and on outposts in foreign countries.

Speak loudly and affirm you have a big-assed stick called the American military, which our current president refuses to decide if he’s going to slash further, and if provoked you will use it to protect our interests here in America and abroad.

It’s time, Mr. Romney for action.  We’ve had four years of talk.  We’ve had four years of thinking that reading a national security briefing report is the same thing as talking to the security experts.

Time is running out and you’re dropping in the polls, Mr. Romney.  This president has weakened our presence and perception in the world and it is past time for someone to step forward and lead.  Remember all that pride in America stuff you talked about a few weeks ago at the convention?  It’s time to live it.  It’s time to use it in a patriotic way and inspire.   It’s time for the Romney Doctrine and it needs to be clear, tough and something that can be read in English, Arabic or any other language in the world and mean one thing–Don’t screw with America or we will come settle what you’ve started.

And one more thing, it’s time for a wardrobe adjustment.  You looked like Michael J. Fox in a life preserver from Back to the Future today where ever you were talking about what’s going on in the world.  NO ONE is going to take you seriously looking like that.  It’s time for a coat and a tie in certain circumstances and that was one of them. And it’s time to stop with the soft smiles.  It’s time to look like John Wayne or Ronald Reagan. America is taking it on the chin.  There’s nothing to be laughing about right now.  We’re out here hurting, financially struggling and our fellow Americans around the world are in dangers.  Worse, our president doesn’t know what an ally is or is not…. It’s time, Mr. Romney to set all that straight.  And your time is running out.




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  1. Audrey at Barking Mad!

    Thank you so much for this!

    Romney needs to reinforce his backbone and get out there and make sure each and every person knows that we won’t be abused the way we have been, by this administration, or by other countries that detest the mere mention of the word, AMERICA, or what it stands for!

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