So what have I been up to? Cause I’ve not really been adding posts here….

Nearly ever waking hour of my day now is going to the launching and development of The Wonders Expedition.  It all began with an observation I made back in July while trying to recover from diverticulitis.  I’ve been going through the incredibly time-consuming, draining and also exhilarating experience of going from a concept to something actually in existence.  I get up about 6:30 a.m.  I go to bed at 12:30 a.m.  I’ve got the fire that Gary Vaynerchuk writes about in CRUSH IT!

We are working to produce the world’s first interactive books that can be read on the iPad and very likely all mobile platforms.  This week work begins on a book that will include content about the Anasazi Indians in the Four Corners Region of the USA.  An announcement about the other immediate projects isn’t too far off.

Dr. Mark Van Stone–2012: Science and Philosophy of the Ancient Maya

Through The Wonders Expedition, I’ve also had the pleasure of getting to know Dr. Mark Van Stone.  He is one of the few renowned Mayanists in the world. He’s written a fascinating book called “2012: Science and Philosophy of the Ancient Maya.”  In his book, he provides answers to the whole hype associated with 2012 and does it in a clear, easy to understand way that will have you resting assured that the only thing that’s going to happen on Dec. 21, 2012, is it’s going to be the December Solstice and four days before Christmas.

As luck would have it, Dr. Van Stone and I have created a special friendship and we both share a mutual interest in his subject matter.  Me, I’ve never had a class on astronomy, archeology or epigraphy, but like in all things I’ve ever been interested in, I’m learning fast on my own. Having a learned scholar who you can call late into the night and talk about the Maya, Aztecs, archeoastronomy, glyphs, and even the art of the Nazca is just a dream come true.

There are some videos coming on TWE this coming week you will want to watch because they explain some of the predictions of what’s “supposed” to happen in 2012, how the 2012 meme all got started, and then there’s going to be one on the TV show, “Ancient Aliens.”

TWE Team

There are others who I’ve grown closer to over the past few months, too, because of TWE.  I’ve assembled a great team of people from all over the US and we’re starting to reach out to others in other nations.   It’s just incredible the energy that’s behind TWE and where we are headed. 

Yesterday, while visiting with Allen Manning, who is the author of MLGW–A Peace of War, he gave me three shards of clay from Utah Anasazi lands that are more than 2,000 years old.  After a few months of reading about this stuff, I can’t fully describe to you the feelings I felt to hold three small pieces of clay that were formed before the birth of Christ.

That’s them in the photo.  He says the browner one is the oldest.

Next Friday, Allen and his wife, Teena, head to New Mexico where he’s going to begin doing some great, exciting research.  My friends at GM Texas are sending them out there in a Chevy Equinox and he will be sending updates to twitter on the TWE link @Archeoastronomy and his own, @RoadMonkeyOne.  If you’ve not already, give those two accounts a follow.  Good things are happening here.



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