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Why American Airlines Need Not Rush Merger With US Airways

Eating Your Own Dog Food–American Airlines Doesn’t Need To Rush Merger With US Airways


A friend of mine tweeted a few hours ago about how she was on a US Airways plane somewhere on the Right Coast and having a miserable experience. I can relate. I’ve flown a good deal on US Airways, enough to know NOT to do it anymore. My preference remains to fly Southwest, one ‘cos it is closer to go to Love Field than to go to DFW.  My next preference is to fly American Airlines.  (Frontier is pretty cool, too, and Continental isn’t bad) but US Airways is just a whole ‘noter beast and one I prefer not bother to spend money on.


departing LAX

departing LAX (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




It’s the whole clientele it attracts–the fairs apparently are cheaper, and then so are the people who tend to fly it in coach. That also includes parents with kids who tend to not listen, don’t put on their seatbelts as instructed, try to fit bags into the overhead bins which are SMALLER than any other planes in the air, and who are bouncing up and down throughout push back and the whole seatbelt bit. “Please remain seated doesn’t compute.”


And as my friend noted, at least for her experience today, “has the rudest most unpleasant employee ever,” working for it. Whomever my friend encountered, generally isn’t alone.

“Merge With US Airways Now”


Yesterday as The Dallas Morning News began posting pics of the new painting style for American Airlines, I couldn’t help but notice the commentary, quoted below from the Allied Pilots Asssociation, per spokesman Dennis Tajer:


“A new paint job is fine but it does not fix American’s network deficiencies and toxic culture, so we continue our steadfast support of a merger with US Airways and not doubling down on the network strategy that brought us into bankruptcy.

“American’s network needs more than cosmetic changes to compete with Delta and United, simply put, it needs to merge with US Airways now.”


And so it is I suggest to American Airlines pilots who are encouraging a rapid merger with US Airways, when you’re already complaining about bad morale within AA, why in the HELL you would want to fold in the elements that are going to come with US Airways.  Two wrongs aren’t going to make things better here.

Perhaps AA pilots should take a few days and buy some tickets and ride in the coach section of US Airways flights. Maybe all pilots should spend a little more time in coach on all airlines, not in uniform, but looking like a normal Joe and see the world like the rest of us.  Eat your own dog food, they say in the PR business. Don’t ride in the jump seat or whatever. Sit in the back with the rest of us who have paid the cheaper rates and paid for it.


No, new paint on AA aircraft isn’t going to change the heart of what’s going on within AA. But my God, it’s a far better operation externally than I’ve had the misfortune of exploring in the back of a US Airways flight.


They say fools rush in.  Hopefully, someone at AA will see maybe they shouldn’t be moving so fast….




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