Another Massive DFW Weather Storm–That Didn’t Happen

In more than 12 years in DFW now, I’ve come to learn that if the weather foke on DFW TV stations are on the air and now tweeting like Chicken Little, that I need to keep my expectations low. In fact, over the years, it seems like the worst weather has always happened when it sneaks up on the National Weather Service in Fort Worth and the local TV stations.

This past weekend was another example. The thing is, a lot of money was spent and lost as a result of a very inaccurate prediction of ice and freezing rain in the DFW area and there should be some consequence for the weather foke causing so many losses.

I do not know how much money all combined the NWSFW and the primary local TV stations in DFW have spent, but you’d think they might need to do something else.

From about Thursday until even into the morning Monday when it’d become clear that chances for impending “Icemaggedon” had melted away, many of the TV stations in Dallas were in full hype mode.

I follow Pete Delkus from WFAA Channel 8’s @WFAAWeather on my phone. Pete tweets and I actually get two notices on my iPhone.  And so came a blitz of them.

At one point he even joked, I’m assuming, that he was taking a break to go buy bread, toilet paper and and milk.

A trip for ingredients to make potato soup suggested that nearly half of North Texas had done the same. The bread shelf in Mesquite’s Super Target on Sunday was nearly wiped out.


I did what I could to resist the temptation of getting excited about the impending bad weather.  My family did Thanksgiving Saturday as we had out of town company, company due to fly out of DFW Sunday night.

Jennifer Myers of Fox 4 on Sunday was pretty much saying we weren't going to have a wintry mess. She was right.

Jennifer Myers of Fox 4 on Sunday was pretty much saying we weren’t going to have a wintry mess. She was right.

At 5:43 a.m. Sunday, we received a text letting us know that American Airlines was canceling a flight for 8:25 PM–15 hours later.

So we turned on the TV and Channel 5 was on following the line of massive doom. Then we checked what Jennifer Myers over on Fox 4 KDFW was saying. And she was saying very little. In fact, I remarked, “She makes it sound like nothing is going to happen at all.”

Turns out, Jennifer Myers @JenMyersWeather on Fox 4 had it right.

As the day passed Sunday, it became more and more obvious that the National Weather Service FW and the local TV stations complicit in the impending doom reports had BLOWN another DFW Weather forecast.

In fact, as the day progressed, it proved that Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys was more accurate than the NWSFW, and we all know that’s not saying a lot.


Something really should be done to reassess how predictions like this past weekend’s are made.

Yes, we can all stop following Pete Delkus on Twitter, (Sadly, as much as I like Pete, I’m actually considering it) and going to the WAPP that Fox 4 is pushing. They had the forecast right. Channel 8, 11, and 5, in cooperation with the NWSFW, blew it.

Maybe the Weather Service and the TV stations should start adding a confidence level notification in their predictions.  “We are following this model with an 80 percent confidence level” or “We have a 25 precent confidence level that we’re going to have a massive ice storm in DFW…. ” Just saying something like that would help.

My guest’s plane isn’t scheduled to fly out of DFW until 9 p.m. tonight–two days after it was supposed to have taken off. TWO DAYS.  And that was just one flight out of more than 400 they cancelled, and clearly for no reason.

I’m sure there are others who have incurred major expenses because of this weekends Epic FAIL in DFW Weather forecasting this past weekend, but seriously, someone needs to be crawled for affecting the lives of so many over what amounted to be RAIN.

I’ve said many times that it must be nice to have a job where you can be paid so well and wrong so often.  It’s really time to do some reassessing as to who is watching the skies of North Dallas. The job just isn’t getting done.


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