Another Weather Forecast Error in DallasSNOW

It snowed here in the DFW area this morning. Twenty-four hours ago, indeed, even 16 or so hours ago, it wasn’t even in the forecast.

Unforecasted snow fell in Dallas today.

Unforecasted snow fell in Dallas today.

Now there were predictions that I noted on FB briefly that were for Saturday and Sunday that evaporated as soon as they were posted.  And on last week there were predictions for snow here in DFW for Wednesday and Thursday, but over the weekend, those disappeared from that website, too.

Now maybe it is indeed difficult to predict the ever and rapidly changing weather conditions here in North Texas, but at some point we should all step back and look at how many times, particularly when it comes to winter weather forecasts, our local fokes just plain get it wrong.

Most of the time, when they even think it’s remotely possible, the local TV weather forecast announcers are all over the TV and now Twitter and Facebook predicting “snowmagedon.”

Numerous times while I have lived here in DFW, we’ve had surprise snow events. The tornado outbreak from last year also happened without it being in the forecast.

So my question is, how do our forecasters keep their jobs being so wrong, so many, many, many times?

The only two people who can screw up as much or MORE as the people who set the weather forecast here in North Texas are Tony Romo and Jerry Jones.

It’s just baffling. Anywhere else if you got so much wrong so often, you’d be out of a job.



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