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AT&T Smart Limits Acting Stupidly

AT&T Smart Limits Acting Stupidly

I have made no secret about it before but I absolutely HATE the AT&T website. I have built and used my share of websites over the years and theirs has got to be the worst.

But the problem I have with them right now is that their Smart Limits function, which I pay $4.99 a month for, has a glitch in it.

AT&T Smart Limits

AT&T Smart Limits


Yes, even though I have kids by my ex wife, I do not like to talk to her. I don’t want to talk to her. I don’t want to get text messages from her. I don’t want to get calls from her.

And so, I pay to have her phone number blocked. Her husband’s phone number is blocked, too, because in spite of the fact that he has zero need nor business to talk to me, after several years he’s still not been smart enough to figure that minor point out.

And so, I pay to have him blocked, too.


I also have teenage daughters, twins who are 13. Let’s just say that 13-year-old girls like to talk on the phone. Well, they like to eat up data, too, but let’s just stick to the calls and texting. One month, one of them had 8,000 text messages. I had 5,000 because of Twitter. And the other twin had somewhere around 3,500.

THEORETICALLY, with AT&T Smart Limits, I can have their phones turn off at a certain hour of the night, 10 p.m and turn back on at 6:30 a.m. That way they don’t get bombarded by texts all night and they get something called SLEEP.

One can set up a list of ALLOWED Calls per user. One can also set up a list of BLOCKED Calls per user.


The twins have their phone limits activated and I have a list of BLOCKED numbers. No where in their list of blocked numbers is their muther’s nor step-father’s phone numbers. No, they’re on MY list of Blocked Calls.  But guess what?  Yeah, the twins can’t call their muther nor step-father because I have them blocked on my user list.

I’ve talked with AT&T about this and been told “that shouldn’t be happening.” No, it shouldn’t but guess what. It is. It does and it has been for a very long time.

I’d love to work with AT&T to resolve their issues, maybe sit in on a focus group or 20 about the functionality of their Website and it’s navigation. I HATE using their website.

And as I say all this, I want to emphasize that as a service provider, I’m all AT&T.

Heck, I should get a discount for the wireless, home, DSL, U-Verse, Mi-Fi, and iPad services. But to get them all switched on to one account would cost a small fortune, but that’s another blog post all together….

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