Calorie Counting At McDonald’s–Yikes, I Can’t Eat This…

Calorie Counting At McDonald’s–Yikes, I Can’t Eat This…

My nutritionist, Dr. Carol Ireton-Jones of Professional Nutritions Therapists here in Dallas wants me to eat less than 1,800 calories a day.  If I can do that, and believe me, I seldom do, I will lose weight. If I eat more than that, I will continue my losing battle.

The McDonalds Unhappy Meal

The McDonalds Unhappy Meal–I can’t eat this stuff!

I’m in a rush this morning. Need to get some work done in preparation for a client meeting at 9:30 a.m. (so why am I doing this, right?) Well, I rushed out and begrudgingly went to my local McDonald’s.  (Quite amazingly, they didn’t have cars wrapped totally around the building, so I did the drive thru.  I usually go in, pick a car as I walk past and happily spy that car still waiting to place an order before I come back out, but not today. Service quality at McDonald’s has dropped significantly since they added that coffee crap to the menu.)

So as I’m sitting in the drive thru contemplating what I thought I might really want–lots of stress, so let’s carb out!–maybe even TWO orders of hotcakes and sausage.  But then I saw the stark reality.  ONE order is 1,200 calories.  Just 600 shy of what I’m supposed to eat ALL day!

I thought maybe the steak bagel, that has protein with the steak and will keep me going cos I don’t know when I’ll eat lunch. Uh, 810 calories. Two sausage burritos, hash browns and a drink, 760 or so…. And then finally, #2, sausage McMuffin with egg and we were down to 610.  Deal.

I say all this, and then I need to get back to work, but do you realize how hard it is to eat what little your body needs by eating at fast food restaurants like McDonald’s?  Those calorie numbers on the menu are helpful when I see them. Many/most places I go don’t have them at all. I’m a big guy, too big, and if I could get down to 1,500 calories a day I’d start to disappear and be much happier. One thing is for certain if I can ever get to that point, places like McDonald’s, even with the calorie counts on the menu, are going to have to come off the list of places to go….

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