Facebook Privacy Settings Take Another Step Toward Super Scary

I awoke this morning and fired up the Mac to see what was new in the world. That of course led me to Facebook to see who had commented on anything I’ve posted in the past day or so and I couldn’t help but notice a HUGE change in the CHAT settings. Now, it was showing me, not just an icon of a friend being on a phone signifying they were mobile, and of course, there’s the countdown as to when they were last active on FB, but now, in big, green, bold letters were the words MOBILE and WEB.

Facebook now shows users if friends are on FB via a Web browser or Mobile. Do we really need to know that?

Facebook now shows users if friends are on FB via a Web browser or Mobile. Do we really need to know that?

Now, I suppose in the mind of a programming engineer, it’s probably cool to be able to now discern and share with Facebook users everywhere the fact that I’m either logged into the platform via my computer and a Web browser or my iPhone or iPad (oh, wait, it just still says Mobile, I think I just gave someone in Palo Alto a new idea), but DO I REALLY NEED TO KNOW THIS?!

For that matter, does anyone?

I mean, sure, I could understand that I might want to know if one of my daughters was logged in on a Web browser and active on Facebook and it’s the middle of the school day and she should be in school, but for Close Friends, a level I have set up, and even for not very close friends, I can see the same level of information and they can see that about me, too.  I’m sure, at least I’d hope, there’s a way to turn this off, but I really don’t have the time to go looking for it nor do I have the desire. And I shouldn’t have to, really, be in an opt out situation on something like this.

A Woman In Montgomery

I was in Montgomery a few weeks ago and joined Mom for some pizza at our favorite pizza place in town–Corsino’s.  During our dinner, a woman from across the room came across to talk to the couple at the table behind us. In her chat with them, she talked about how dangerous Facebook is, because just the slightest posting and crooks can tell if you’re home or not, plus “It just leads to too much gossip and ego bragging.” So then what did she do? Yeah, she started talking about the $2,000 dogs she and hubs had out in the car and about her kids, and about….  It is good to be away from all that….

But going back to the crooks point.

This latest development is troubling to me. I’m sure in a week or two I’ll have forgotten it and accepted it as a part of life in this digital age. It just seems for now that this is too much information to be generally shared.  I know, yes, with many types of software on Websites, who is hitting a site, from where, with what, where they went, how long they were there … all that and more can be tracked, and is for marketing purposes by techies worldwide.

My question is, do we really need it on Facebook, too? This really is taking a step toward super scary, particularly if there’s not a way to simply turn this off so no one can see it, and most Facebook users probably never will.

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