Incognito Bullying In Dallas by Jackass from Indiana

Yesterday I made it to early services to hear preacher Gordon Dabbs talk about making decisions in life. Little did I know that about two minutes after leaving the church building and less than a mile away I would be faced with what surely was a life and death decision at the hands of jackass from Indiana who believed he was a founding member of the Richie Incognito school of bullying–probably the only thing this guy will ever amount to.

English: Cameraphone picture of Interstate 635...

English: Cameraphone picture of Interstate 635 (Texas) signage on the northbound Dallas North Tollway frontage road. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Westbound Interstate 635 in North Dallas was shut down from Monfort to Coit Road yesterday and all traffic was being diverted off the highway and onto a service road, down past Harrison Road and back toward a single-lane ramp back onto 635. At 10 a.m. traffic was backed up but not to where it would be had it been a weekday. So cars were progressing along in a single file lane, even though there were two lanes visible, because the one lane stayed one lane all the way along the route from Harrison to Coit.

After having sat through about 10 minutes of this, I began, too, to wonder why no one was getting into the second lane and contemplated moving ahead, but realized, there was a reason everyone was waiting their turn. The road merged formally into one lane just over the hill. It would be quicker to stay where I was rather than to jump ahead.

Richie Incognito of Indiana

And then came along the Richie Incognito of Indiana. I say this cos he was driving a black Honda or something of the sort, probably a Hyundai, with Indiana car tags that I didn’t see until afterward. So as Mr. Incognito raced his car the 1/4 mile from as far behind as one could see to nearly to the edge of my car, I pulled over to the right a little to assure the jackass that what he was doing was not appreciated. As I did, he pulled up along side my car and I asked through the windows what made him think he was so special as to not to have to wait like the rest of North Dallas. He rolled down his window further and I looked at him for the last time. It was clear he was a psychopath, with his wife having her head buried in shame on the other side of the car and someone in the back.

It was clear he wanted me to say anything to give him reason to get violent. My suspicion is his hand was on a gun in his car door. His eyes said he’d have had no problem in shooting an unarmed person either.

As he drove off, he came up with the best his lack of an intellectually-capable brain could muster: “I can’t hear you, fat boy.”

I wanted to call 911 and tell them I thought he had a gun and was going to shoot me. But I just chose to let the idiot drive off ahead. When he gets back up north and tries that crap, maybe one of his Yankee neighbors will do the world a favor. It’s clear this wasn’t the only time this guy has gone looking for trouble.

Fat Boy

Yes, admittedly, I am overweight and it’s a problem I’ve battled for a very long time.  What this jackass helped me realize though is that he was exhibiting a behavior that’s gone unchecked in life.

Even 20 years ago when I weighed considerably less, a weight I would like to get back down to now, people told me I weighed too much, so frankly, I’m not sure there’s ever going to be a chance to get to a weight where people are happy with me physically. And that’s more their problem than it is mine. Yes, I would definitely like to find the cure to my weight. But I’ve not found it yet, but I know one thing for certain, I’m a lot happier in my life than the guy from Indiana.

And it took being bulled by an idiotic Hoosier to see once again that there are just plain evil people in this world and that Satan really is out and roaming the world. Especially when we load up and go to church in the morning for spiritual nourishment.

I’m working on eating better. I’ve been trying to adopt changes in my meals from a manual by world famous nutrition trainer Todd Swinney.

We can maybe fix one day what’s going on with the outsides of my body. Too bad death will just about be the only thing to correct the psychopathic tendencies of the nutjob who thought he was more important than anyone else yesterday.  Hurry up and get back north, Yankee. Go take a drive on Interstate 80 into Chicago and play your holier than everyone else bit….


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