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Inspirational Leadership–John Ed Mathison

Inspirational Leadership–John Ed Mathison

My 13-year-old DD, (darling daughter) Reagan Lee Claxton, has a paper due today in one of her eighth grade classes at school.  The assignment is to write about an inspirational leader and share why.

John Ed Mathison

Last Thursday at 6:30 a.m., Reagan and I left the DFW area for a 1,650-mile round trip to Huntsville, AL, then to Montgomery, and back to Dallas by Sunday. (It was Spring Break here in DFW).

John Ed Mathison--Inspirational Leadership

John Ed Mathison–Inspirational Leadership

Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. we went to Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church to meet John Ed Mathison, their former senior minister, to load up a copy of his book for iPad I’ve been building.  (It’s almost done and you can read more about that over on The book is called, “When God Redefines the Possible” and when I work in it, that’s exactly what God starts doing. Very shortly it will be available on the iBookstore and in formats for Kindle & Nook.)

But in the hour or so Reagan and I were with John Ed, it apparently made a very positive impression because on Tuesday she texted me and said she wanted to do this paper on John Ed.  How about that?  A 13-year-old girl is around you, watching you interact with her dad for an hour or so and your actions are enough to inspire her to write a paper.  How many of us have that kind of stroke?

The thing is, John Ed does it naturally.  He is a leader among men and a sincere, devout follower of God.

When he doesn’t understand something he politely stops you and says, “Now let me ask you a question.” And then he asks how to apply technology in his life in a way he never has before. Did I mention yet he is in his mid-70s?  I was concerned about what iOS version John Ed was running on his iPad cos we’re almost ready with his book and I wanted to make sure when the time came it would load to his iPad without fail. I’ve worked with a couple others who were still running iOS 4.1.  But John Ed?  No.  He was sporting iOS 6.1.2.  When I told him he was caught up with technology, he said, “Well that’s a first.”  But I doubt it is.

John Ed knows one of the secrets to living a great life and to living a long one is to be a “life learner.” That’s besides the obvious devotion he has to loving and serving the Lord.

If you stop exploring, stop seeking out new information, all the while realizing the more you know, the more you’re aware of what you don’t know, you’re going to cut things short.

(In our time together, I also quickly taught John Ed how to make Keynote presentations on his iPad and gave him an adapter so when he preaches next time, he can hook his iPad up to a VGA projector and everyone can see what he wants to show them on the iPad. Not to mention when he’s ready to show audiences his amazing book for iPad, he’ll be able to open it up on the iPad and it’ll show up on the big screen….)

Reagan’s Paper

I’ve not had the chance to see what Reagan has written about John Ed. But I’m thrilled she’s chosen to write a paper about such a good and Godly man.

I’m almost going to hate finishing his book, “When God Redefines the Possible” because when ever I have been working on it, God has started doing amazing things in my life.  And an extra joy is that one of my daughters now can see what generations of people across the Southeast and the world really have seen.  John Ed Mathison ranks high as an inspirational leader.

Now let me ask you a question.

How could you inspire others in an hour’s time?  That’s really something daunting to think about, isn’t it?

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