Let’s Face It, The Dallas Cowboys Suck Under Tony Romo and Jerry Jones

Tony Romo (en) at a Dallas Cowboys (en) preseason.

They say in a comedy that a gag is funny if a character has a certain persona that’s obvious to everyone but the character – and until the character figures it out, it stays funny.

But in watching Jerry Jones pretend to be an NFL whatever he is, and Tony Romo pretend to be some sort of elite quarterback, the gag has worn thin. It’s not funny anymore and it really hasn’t been for several years.

Last night’s loss in New Orleans to the Saints was just another reminder of how bad the Cowboys have gotten under Jones/Romo.


For several years I’ve advocated the hashtag #NomoRomo because the obvious has been apparent to me and thousands of other fans. We’re not going to win a super anything until he’s no longer the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. The same thing holds true for Jerry Jones being the owner, manager, self-imposed ruler of the Cowboy universe. It’s just not going to happen.

These days I find myself watching Cowboys football and hoping the other team will completely demoralize them on the field enough times to where Romo and Jones will figure out they are two of the critical parts of the problem.

Now every time I see someone write something bad about NomoRomo on a public message board the Romo-lovers attack with ugly names and come back with fabulous stats about how great this guy is.  But that old cliche of “win or lose, it’s how you played the game” is bunk when once again this team can barely stay at .500 and some how that appear to be good in the standings.

The Cowboys may make the playoffs in 2013/14, but they’re poised for “one and done” if they do. Other teams that have real offenses, real quarterbacks, real defenses that don’t hinge upon Sean Lee being in the game, or mom-assaulting wide receivers, are going to do to them what the Saints did last night and once again Dallas will go into its blue funk of knowing what the problem is but no one being willing or able to do anything about it.

I read The Dallas Morning News this morning waiting to read some new baloney from Jerry Jones about “a moral victory.”  That’s what he called one of the earlier losses this year.  No, instead he just said he thought the Boys were going to be able to do better.

I heard an ESPN interview on Tuesday or Wednesday of last week and the talking heads said there was no way in the world the Cowboys were going to win last night. Why is it everyone on the planet can see what Jerry Jones and Tony Romo cannot?

(And notice here I’ve said nothing about Jason Garrett. I like Jason, I just think he, like a litany of other coaches is in an impossible position to win with a buffoon for a GM/Owner and a third-rate quarterback who is always looking for an excuse or an opportunity to throw the ball to the other team.)

Jerry and Tony, the gag with you two has long become not funny. It was comical even a little bit earlier this season because your playing was so pathetic. We’re past that now. No more glory hole….

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