Mad Men Season 6 Apostrophe Lesson–It’s the ’60s not 60’s

Mad Men

Mad Men (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mad Men starts in just a few short hours and already I’m about to SCREAM about one of my biggest punctuation pet peeves–the use of the apostrophe in referencing the time period of the show, the 1960s.  Notice I didn’t write the 1960’s.

You know why? ‘Cos it’s a plural.  There’s no possessive going on there.

The same thing goes for saying it’s a show about the ‘60s.  Notice where the apostrophe goes–in FRONT of the 60, not between 60 and the S.


If you were going to say that Mad Men was a show about Advertising Agencies, you wouldn’t write Agency’s, now would you?

So then why in the HELL do you insist on putting an apostrophe at the end of ’60s?

If you were writing about Don Draper‘s actions, then you’d use it.

If you were talking about the women he’s consumed you wouldn’t write women’s, right?

So why on earth do you continue to punish the ’60s with one?

If you’re going to write about the 1960s, or the ’60s, please do it right.

And while we’re at it, if you work in an advertising firm would you please inform your copy writers that housing section prices don’t start in the $200,000’s.  They start in the $200,000s or whatever price point your client dictates. Just get the apostrophe right.  Please. You’re driving me crazy’s. (Sic)

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