Nick Saban and Urban Meyer Watching The National Championship Game

English: Crop of a personal photo taken on the...

English: Crop of a personal photo taken on the sidelines of the 2007 Alabama-LSU game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I could see SNL doing a “What the Hell Happened” sketch with someone being Nick Saban and another Urban Meyer and them sitting at a bar drinking watching the National Championship game in January.

Saban: “They were going to rename Denny Chimes to Saban Tower. They were going to change the name of the stadium from Denny-Bryant to just Saban Stadium. Hell, they were going to name every street and building on campus to Saban. And then we played Auburn. That last second. I’ve never even heard of someone running back a return on a missed field goal. What the hell happened?”

Meyer: “I know, I got out of the SEC cos of Auburn and thought that at Ohio State I could do an end around to a national championship. And then Georgia lost to Auburn. You lost to Auburn. Mizzou lost to Auburn, (what the hell are they doing in the SEC anyways?!) What the hell happened?!?”

Saban: “The Machine had the NCAA crawl that Johnny Football kid a new one and they almost got something on that kid at FSU, but hell, they didn’t even fool with anyone at Auburn this year because hell, they were supposed to be 6-6. What the hell happened?”

Meyer: “Next season, the band director promised to turn the dot in the I into a U if we had won the national championship away from the SEC.  All we had to do was beat Michigan State. What the hell happened?”

Saban: “We’ve coached in the pros and in college and Gus Malzahn is a freaking high school coach. And damn, I was looking forward to watching reruns of Musberger drooling all over Katherine Webb again this year. What the hell happened?”

Meyer: “This is Gene Chizik‘s fault. None of this would have happened if he was still at Auburn.”

Saban: “Chizik …. Nice guy, but what the hell was Auburn thinking bringing a coach with a losing record from Iowa State into the SEC? If Chizik was here, I’d ….”

And in walks Gene Chizik, who gives them a Forest Gump in the Alabama locker room wave…

And the bar room brawl begins…..

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