One of my childhood favorites: PB&J and CHEETOS.  

Growing up as a kid, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich went with Cheetos chips like milk and cookies.

Mom would pack my lunch to take to school and add a bag of Cheetos. If I was lucky I could sneak a second bag.  Maybe a third.  But as we all know, Cheetos can get messy.  So, somewhere in my youth I discovered a solution that I continue to use today.

PB&J and Cheetos!

PB&J and Cheetos!

When I’m making a PB&J, I just take out the Cheetos I would have eaten along with the sandwich, and I drop them onto the sandwich over the jelly before sealing the deal with the other piece of bread bathed in peanut butter. I then squish it down so the peanut butter holds onto the to Cheetos and then I have a much less messy snack!

I’ve been told by my daughters and others this is pretty gross, but to me, there are few treats better.  And my hands don’t turn orange, which maybe the marketing fokes at Cheetos would argue is half the fun of eating them, but this way, I get all of it in each and every bite.

As we all learned when we were kids, “It’s all going to the same place anyways.” And this way I don’t have just a bite of peanut butter and jelly and then have to add Cheetos while my mouth is half-full.

Okay, so you’re wincing and saying it’s disgusting to even think about. Try it first. And then you can thank me.

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  1. Whitney S.

    Donny, you’ve convinced a few of us at Power My Life to try this strange food combination! Fingers crossed it tastes as good as you say so.

  2. Donny Claxton

    That’s funny. I’ve loved this combo for years.

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