I have a repeated hacker from IP Address who is trying to gain access to this blog.

According to the protection system in place, it says the attack keeps coming from IP address

Obviously, I’m not sure if the IP address is masked or not, but a message to the ones who are behind it.  IP address look up says the jerks are from Luxembourg.

Dear sirs or madams, be warned.  In America we have lots of guns and like to use them so it is very probable that your last thought likely will be “What is that red dot on my heart, or on my forehead or in my eyes.  Wow! That laser is brig….”

If you don’t have the WordPress Limit Login Attempts Plugin, I highly recommend it.

The plugin is simple to install and set up. If someone is trying to get into your WordPress site, it will lock it out for up to 24 hours or so after X number of failed attempts.  This one group has tried about 40 different ways on multiple occasions to get into this site.  How many times have they tried to get into your WordPress site?

For the present time, it’s doing its job…. A contract hiring is in the works…

IP address attack from

IP address attack from

  1. Cameron Reilly (@cameronreilly)

    Same IP has been trying to hack into one of my blogs for the last month also. I’m using the same plugin to block them. 🙂

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