I’m going to have to get a new doctor, next week actually, because the doctor I’ve had since I moved to Dallas in 2001 doesn’t take the PPO Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan created thru Obamacare, and only takes HMO plans because they pay him more.

Thanks for that, Mr. Obama. I thought I was supposed to be able to keep what I liked about the care I was getting. On top of all else, I can’t change to an HMO plan now unless I have a “life event” or the end of the year.

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Dear GOP strategists, if you’d like to help move me from my residence in Dallas to a district where there is a Democratic US Senator and a Democratic US House member who voted for this plan and I can move there now, register to vote and then vote against them in November, please let me know.

In the meantime, I have a physical next week with a doctor I know nothing about, one who will take the scraps that the president’s vaulted plan provides for, and who has none of my medical history going in. Clean slates are good every once in awhile, but I should be the one who decides when I have to start over, particularly when it deals with my health care.

Thank you, Mr. Obama, for forcing this tax increase on me, for taking away the level of care I had with my previous doctor and for putting me in jeopardy.  Since I live in Texas, I’ll not have a chance to send a message to any of your fellow Democrats who decided you need to run my life instead of me doing it for me. But if I could move and exact some revenge at a voting booth in a few months, I sure as hell would.


When I learned that I wasn’t having my 10 a.m. physical today, (I had been ordered to fast since midnight) I went out for breakfast. I went to Cracker Barrel and as an elderly couple was sitting down behind me, the man was telling the host “this Obamacare is making it so I can’t afford the medicines I need. It’s gonna make me die faster.” The host said in response, “That’s what they want!”  He was joking. Or was Sarah Palin right after all?   Between me losing my doctor of 13 years and the elderly man not being able to afford his prescribed meds, I’m beginning to think all y’all who hated the former governor from Alaska were the dumb ones and not her….


There was at least one good side to this all: I didn’t have to pee in a cup, have blood drawn, cough, or get told I need to lose weight today. But I know about the weight part.

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