Firehouse Subs Social Media Handlers Have Lots To Learn

It’s time to step back from the computer.  That’s what I’d advise the person(s) at Firehouse Subs who are doing their social media.

Firehouse Subs

Firehouse Subs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They’re making matters worse each time they tweet me.

A few weeks ago, I sent out a tweet asking what was up with the disappearing Lay’s sour cream and onion potato chips at their stores in Mesquite and Rockwall, Texas.

They responded telling me that “change was good” and they I should try these two other kettle brand chips I’ve never heard of, nor have any desire to try.  I like to get a certain sandwich there and it goes with sour cream and onion chips. Period.

Yesterday, I went to Subway and got the Philly Steak and Cheese sandwich and the chips I desired to go with the meat. I sent out a tweet saying I was there and Firehouse Subs was losing business because of their corporate decision to stop carrying the very famous and widely consumed Lay’s sour cream and onion potato chip.

A friend then playfully tweeted that I was being “picky.”

A few minutes later, @FirehouseSubs “favorited” that tweet.

They then later sent out a smart assed tweet about how “change is the one constant” in human events.

I took it as nothing but arrogance in what was sent. To me they were saying “They’re right in their chip decision. I’m not. So screw me.” Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 3.39.06 PM

Except that’s not how a free market works.

As I said yesterday, I AM DONE WITH FIREHOUSE SUBS and because of their smartassed Twitter handler, I’m now spreading the word about what’s happened.  (Linked to yesterday’s post.)

The latest text I got from them at 2:55 today was this: Would it be okay if I gave them my address so the VP of PR for Firehouse Subs could reach out to me.

(Why didn’t you send that as a DM? I’m following you. Do you really want such a tweet out there? I see it has since been deleted.)

Now, if they’d looked at my blog, which has had readers from all over the country today on just this one story, they’d see already, even from my twitter profile, that I myself am a PR person of many years.

The last thing I want is a letter from the VP of PR saying, “Dear Donny, we are so sorry that our social media person made you so upset about sour cream and onion potato chips. Hey, let’s be friends and we’ll send you two coupons so you can get two more sandwiches on us! We still won’t have any sour cream and onion chips, but hey those kettle jalapeño chips are so good you should try them cos they’re just that good. But hey, we don’t want to lose your lost business nor have anyone else see we don’t know WTF we’re doing with social media, so could you pull those two posts down? — Sincerely, Fireman Joe.

FIREHOUSE SUBS, you obviously do not understand social media.  You don’t flippantly tweet someone or Favorite another tweet when a follower of yours is clearly pissed and has 13.7 THOUSAND followers of their own and another 1,000 friends from all over the country over on Facebook.

We are done.

Maybe you don’t lose any business because of this. I don’t care. That’s not my objective in writing this. But you have lost my business and for me, that’s the only important thing.

And here’s a small example of how widely the previous post has spread today.

Instead of going to this Four Alarm fire, I suggest you guys send the social media truck back to the station. It needs to be out of service for a spell. And just a hint, they might want to put the ladder on the truck down before they back in….

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 3.40.42 PM



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