What’s the true lesson we can gather as humans over the loss of MH 370 out of Malaysia?

While conspiracy theorists no doubt will continue to search for a happy ending, an ending that at least will make their own internal fears subside, the message to the rest of us is simple and one we learn day in/day out in life–life is hard and sometimes bad things happen to good, and seemingly innocent people.

As a writer, there’s plenty of source material from just this one episode in human events to write several volumes of work–fiction and non. It’s been hard all over the world to believe that in this day and age, where we have this underlying nervousness that government is watching everything we do, somehow a massive airliner could just up and disappear from the skies without a trace, without any messages from anyone.

Over the past two weeks CNN, and even FOX News to a lesser degree, have had a parade of people on air discounting every possible theory that’s come up. They’ve had two guys in a simulator. They’ve even had one anchor speculating that the plane went into a Black Hole.

But what few have wanted to say, save maybe Bill O’Reilly, is the same conclusion that was announced by the Malaysian Prime Minister today–the plane went down in the southern Indian Ocean. There was no further speculation as to why, just a pure and simple statement.

It seems the past few weeks so many of us were longing, hoping and praying for a real life deus ex machina–a divine intervention of sorts that would explain away what happened, (Like at the end of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and all 239 people aboard would just pop up unharmed, unscathed, just like they were when they boarded the plane on March 8); A miracle that even if it defied all known logic, would still result in those who were aboard that plane still being alive.

The whole media hype situation really was like a novel where the author had written himself into a corner with no other rational conclusion left. Yes, theories abounded and even I explored the possibilities of the plane flying toward the mid-Indian Ocean USAF landing strip at Diego Garcia, (A comment or today went further with it over the version of the story of the 20 chip designers out of Austin, Texas.) but ultimately the only inescapable conclusion was what was announced today; the plane was lost at sea, no doubt after it ran out of fuel.

Maybe it was our hope that this all would end differently because of our over saturation of Hollywood happy endings. Sure, no one, save a few psychopaths, really wanted to hear these people were dead, but reality has a nasty way of being brutal some times, and it appears this is going to be one of them.

Now is the time for all humans around the world who have been following this story so closely to begin the grieving process for those who are lost. Perhaps CNN will find a way to move on to another story, too. Lots of other news around the world has been ignored to bring 24/7 coverage of the same and so little information the past 17 or 18 days. How badly that has been handled is something for another day.

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